Is Karla from Selling Tampa a Man? Fans’ Curiosity Explained!

Anup Jung Pandey

Is Karla from Selling Tampa a Man Fans' Curiosity Explained!

Karla from Selling Tampa is rumored to be a man, to be specific, a transwoman. Is Karla Giorgio really a man and has the Netflix alum changed herself to a transgender woman?

Netflix’s one of the exceptional reality shows, Selling Tampa has been catching almost everyone’s heed, thanks to Karla Giorgio. This show is something different yet brings extreme exhilaration to all its viewers.

Basically, Selling Tampa is a show where all Black women realtors participate with the aim of mixing their businesses for pleasure. In other words, it is simply related to real estate and money-making.

Having exactly eight castmates, the show made its first-ever episode official on 15th December 2021, and for now, it is still ongoing.

Among the eight Black realtors, Karla Giorgio is one of them. However, controversy has been surrounding her regarding her sexuality and many people are curious about it. Do you know about her sexuality?

Selling Tampa: Is Karla Giorgio a Man?

Born in 1988 in Caracas, Venezuela, Karla Giorgio is a native Latina. However, she along with her parents moved to the United States while she was very young, and thus, Karala was raised in Orlando, Florida.

Her early childhood had a void of her father’s love as the reality star lived with her single mother. However, at the age of 16, she was loved by her step-father, and he even taught her about car dealerships. Talking about her educational qualifications, she graduated from Valencia College in 2008, getting a Bachelor’s degree in Business.

Karla Giorgio, the eminent realtor has been working at Allure Realty for a long duration. When COVID-19 knocked at everyone’s door, the Selling Tampa‘s cast, Karla had to undergo a lot of obstacles as she lost her job, and had no sources to make money.

Conversely, talking to Sharelle Rosado, the CEO of Allure Realty, brought a turning point in her life, and gave her the opportunity to work at Allure Realty.

As Karla was multi-lingual, her Spanish skills brought lucrative opportunities to the company, and thus, the 33-year-old woman brought a huge significance to the Realty. Presently, she is appearing on Netflix’s outstanding reality show, Selling Tampa.

There is no exact information on how people started assuming the reality alum as either a man or a transwoman. Subsequently, clearing out everyone’s perplexities, it is confirmed that Karla from Selling Tampa, is neither a man nor a transwoman. She is a woman by birth and thus, is a cis-woman.

Moreover, from her previous relationship with former American football back, Chris Johnson, Karla gave birth to her twins: Kaden and CJ.

If Karla were to be a man, she definitely wasn’t gifted a fallopian tube or a uterus randomly to be a biological mother of her twins. Not only she is the mother of twins, but she also has a 15-year-old child, Xavier.

Selling Tampa: Karla Giorgio’s Net Worth

Being an eminent realtor, Karla Giorgio is quite famous on Instagram. Moreover, her cast in Selling Tampa has up-trained her Instagram followers.

Working at Allure Realty, no doubt, the woman makes a hefty net worth and has been living a luxurious life: getting fulfilled all of her expectations and desires.

Summing up her money from all the sources and assets, her net worth is estimated to be around $700,000. Conversely, now that the realtor is appearing on Netflix’s reality show, Selling Tampa, undoubtedly, she will earn a huge amount of money.

Selling Tampa is currently streaming on Netflix.

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