Is Jenny Matthews Actually/Really Pregnant in Workin’ Moms?

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Is Jenny Matthews Actually/Really Pregnant in Workin' Moms?

Yes, Jenny Matthews from Workin’ Moms is actually pregnant. Even though Jenny chose to fake a pregnancy in Season 5 because she was frightened of being abandoned by MCP, he suspected she was lying and surprised her by taking her to an ultrasound appointment in the finale, where she discovered she was really pregnant.

Only a few of the hundreds of shows that hit our screens each year make a genuine attempt to address the issues that women face on a daily basis. Even if they do, the focus of attention is frequently on the lives of younger women, rather than mothers with children who must balance their personal lives, desires, and passions with their responsibilities to their loved ones.

When we see a real description of what working mothers go through every day, it hits us that their sacrifices in order to make our lives better are incomprehensible. And Catherine Reitman‘s Canadian sitcom Workin’ Moms is a great move in this regard, as it attempts to convey a subject that has rarely been told on mainstream television.

The Netflix series revolves around four friends: Kate, AnneVal, and Frankie. Each of them leads a rather hectic life, juggling personal and professional obligations while also attempting to find time for themselves and their interests. The show’s major theme is the very urban difficulties of professional choices, financial independence, and the complexities of defining one’s own personality.

And with the release of the new Season, Jenny Matthews, one of the tritagonists played by Jessalyn Wanlim, has been in the spotlight due to her character. Similarly, many viewers have been curious to know if she was actually pregnant in the show. Well, let’s find out.

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Yes, Jenny Matthews Is Actually/Really Pregnant in Season 6 of Workin’ Moms!

Previously, in Season 5 of Workin’ Moms, Jenny Matthews, played by Jessalyn Wanlim, made the decision to fake a pregnancy in order to continue dating Malcolm Cody Patrick (MCP). This decision was motivated by a strong fear of desertion. MCP, who felt she was lying, shocked her in the finale by taking her to an ultrasound appointment.

Later, Jenny was forced to reveal that she had repeatedly lied and faked a pregnancy. However, it turned out that she was actually pregnant in the sixth season, surprising them both.

Jenny Matthews was actually/really pregnant in Workin' Moms.Jenny Matthews was actually/really pregnant in Workin’ Moms.
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Jenny and MCP’s adventure continues in Season 6, Episode 3 when they eventually encounter another challenge. The two go to a disciplinary hearing about their future in the organization. They are being held accountable for having an affair at work.

In the same episode, MCP makes an offer to Jenny, inviting her to stay at home and focus her efforts on child-rearing. She immediately sees through the lie and tells MCP to stop immediately. He is merely offering so that he can keep his work, as she accuses him of.

The lie about marriage continues throughout Episode 5. Jenny requests that Gena serves as her maid of honor. Jenny develops a megalomaniac disorder in Episode 6. Jenny, MCP, and the wedding planner get some cake in Episode 7, and things quickly go south. In the same episode, MCP informs Jenny that he has reserved a suite for the birth.

Jenny is surprised with a baby shower in Episode 9, soon after learning she is pregnant with a high-risk pregnancy. She miscarries, but she is afraid of losing MCP if she tells him what happened to the baby. In Episode 12, she finally tells him, and he says he still wants to be with her. But, knowing that the relationship isn’t for her, Jenny quits her job, effectively ending her strange relationship with MCP.

Learn Everything About the Played Jenny Matthews Actress, Jessalyn Wanlim!

Jessalyn Wanlim (@jessalynwanlim) who played the role of Jenny Matthews in Workin’ Moms, is a Canadian-American actress and model. The actress who was born on September 3, 1982, starred her acting career as Evie Cho in the science fiction series Orphan Black. Later, she appeared in five episodes of Scoundrels as Patty Hong.

Jessalyn Wanlim plays the role of Jenny Matthews in Workin’ Moms.Jessalyn Wanlim plays the role of Jenny Matthews in Workin’ Moms.
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The Jenny Matthews actress began singing in music school and then became a stage actor in her high school’s art program. She began acting and got the recurring part of Rachael, Kendall, and Zach‘s nanny, in the television series All My Children, in which she appeared in roughly fifty episodes from 2006 to 2009. Later, Wanlim featured as Pauletta Cho in three episodes of Gossip Girl during her stint on All My Children.

In addition, Jessalyn Wanlim first appeared as Jenny on the sitcom Workin’ Moms in 2017 as a main character but was downgraded to a recurring part for the second season. She returned as a starring character in season three and stayed until the seventh and last season in 2023.