How Did Dakota Johnson Get Scars on Her Breasts?

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How Did Dakota Johnson Get Scars on Her Breasts? – From her recent appearance, people have observed that Dakota Johnson has scars on the sides of her breasts. Some people even believe that she got her breast implants removed. Well, let’s examine what it is all about.

With Madame Web all set to be released on February 14, 2024, Dakota Johnson has taken all the attention to herself. However, it seems people are also interested in other things related to her.

Following the SNL appearance and plastic surgery rumors last week, we have found that many people are currently seeking information regarding scars on the sides of her breasts. Well, here is everything you need to know.

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Dakota Johnson’s Scars on Her Breasts Might Be the Result of Removing Her Implants!

Dakota Johnson‘s (@dakotajohnson) appearance has made fans go “nuts” following her appearance on SNL a few days ago. Along with her weight loss and plastic surgery rumors, some people also have noticed that she has scars on her breasts.

In a Reddit discussion regarding her transformation in SNL, a user addressed her scars by writing,

her breasts are gone, and you can see scars on the side of her breast – meaning not only is she anorexic but she basically had her breasts removed. Ugh.

Meanwhile, a second user insisted that she might have had her ribs removed in the same comment. According to the user,

I had a breast reduction and scars don’t extend that far… I’m thinking she had rib removal like Demi and Halle.

Of course, the Madame Web star has not mentioned anything regarding her scar. However, we are pretty sure that it does not have anything to do with her birthmark or any kind of accident.

Dakota Johnson has yet to clarify the scar on her breasts. blurred-reality.comDakota Johnson has yet to clarify the scar on her breasts.
Image Source: Backgrid

Scars on the sides of breasts highly indicate that she might have had her boob implants removed. It could be one of the reasons why she looked so slimmer during the SNL skit.

Well, we will have to wait for Dakota Johnson’s comment to confirm what the scars are really about. Do not forget that the above information is purely based on our speculation. Nevertheless, we will surely get back to you as soon as we get any updates regarding her scar.

Dakota Johnson’s Madame Web Isn’t Connected to Tobey Maguire’s Spider-Man!

In a new interview with Entertainment Weekly, Madame Web director S.J. Clarkson addressed reports that the impending Sony Spider-Man Universe entry could be linked to other projects, such as Tobey Maguire‘s original Spidey films.

Clarkson emphasized how Dakota Johnson‘s Cassandra Webb is “definitely in a standalone world” and how the director was “able to just have free rein:” He explained,

She’s definitely in a standalone world… I was able to just have free rein and let the movie be what it needed to be, as opposed to trying to force it into something else. That was a gift, in a way, to be able to take something and bring a fresh and, I hope, original, take to it.

Madame Web will be released in theaters on Feb 14. blurred-reality.comMadame Web will be released in theaters on Feb 14.
Image Source: Marvel

She further added,

I really love the idea of somebody who can see into the future, but until they can really understand their past and appreciate where they are, they can’t use that power… Without wanting to overload it with profundity, I thought that’s an amazing thing to explore: If we understand our past and see where we are in the present, we can then make better choices for the future.

According to fan discussion, the hype surrounding Dakota Johnson’s Marvel debut is not overly strong. While it would be ideal for a fresh enterprise like this to stand on its own two feet, linking to something well-known and popular would have likely benefited Madame Web in particular. Without that, there isn’t much enthusiasm surrounding the film.