Is Anna Shay Dating Maria? Bling Empire Fans Wonder About Anna’s Husband!

Shibakshya Rai

Is Anna Shay Dating Maria? Bling Empire Fans Wonder About Anna's Husband!

The cast of Bling Empire, Anna Shay, and her best friend, Maria Jose Lainez, have recently been rumored to be dating each other. However, the claim is false; they are simply great friends who like spending time together. As for her husband, Anna Shay has been married four times in her life.

Bling Empire is a Netflix show that teaches people about the lives of super-rich Asian Americans, which is why everyone on the show has Asian ancestors. Christine Chiu, the “Bling Empire” producer, released the second season of the reality TV drama on May 13, 2022.

The news comes ahead of the third season of Bling Empire, which launched on October 5, 2022. These include Dorothy Wang, who was a cast member of Bling Empire season two.

The series is produced by Jeff Jenkins Productions, with executive producers Jeff Jenkins, Russell Jay-Staglik, Elise Chung, Lenid Rolov, Ross Weintraub, and Reinout Oerlemans.

Anna Shay is one of the Bling Empire cast members who have no interest in involving herself in gossip. On the show, she has frequently seen shopping, posing for photos, and relaxing in her mansion with her companion,  Maria Jose Lainez. As a result, many viewers have been curious about Anna and Maria’s relationship and have speculated if they are dating each other.

Anna Shay Is Not Really Dating Maria Jose Lainez, They Are Just Best Friends: Husband Details of the Two Besties!

During Bling Empire season 2, 61-year-old Anna Shay (@annashay93) moved into her beautiful Beverly Hills house with her friend, Maria Jose Lainez (@mariaa.lainezz), at her side. Maria, like Florent Bonadei, was introduced to Bling Empire as Anna’s friend. However, they are definitely not dating each other.

Maria and Anna are frequently seen posing with a BFF caption on each other’s Instagram, especially on Maria’s. It’s obvious that people linked them romantically because of their bond. However, they’re nothing more than best friends.

Maria was 56 years old when she appeared in Bling Empire Season 2. During the aforementioned awkward conversation between Anna, Kane, and Kim about Christine allegedly slandering Anna’s name in Bling Empire Season 2, Episode 6, Maria made the statement that Anna should be grateful that Kane approached her with his concerns about the turmoil.

Maria also shares photographs of her family as well as her two daughters Carmen Lainez and Gloria Maria. Although Maria plays a more reserved role on Bling Empire, her inspiring Instagram bio reveals insight into her personality: The phrase “La felicidad no es un meta, es sentimiento de uno” loosely translates to “Happiness isn’t a goal, it’s a feeling.”

Anna’s private life is unlike any other. Most of her admirers are confused because the reality star does not disclose any private facts. Little is known about Anna’s romantic interests, and many rumors circulate. What we do know is that the actress had previously been married. In fact, four times.

Anna has four ex-husbands from her past, the names and details of whom she wishes to remain private. Anna Shay is at her best! The filthy rich Anna has a son named Kenny Kemp from one of her previous marriages, according to what is known about her previous marriages.

Kenny Kemp, a 28-year-old son, is perhaps best recognized as one of America’s greatest collectors of marijuana paraphernalia. Kenny, like his mother, keeps a low profile, but it appears that he, too, stores his bong collection in the basement.

What Does Anna Shay Do for a Living, and How Much Money Does She Have?

Anna Shay and her younger brother Allen Shay sold their father’s company for $1.2 billion in 2006. Her father never wanted her to work while he was alive, although she has done a lot of philanthropy. She previously served on the board of the George Lopez Foundation, which raises awareness about kidney disease and organ donation. She has also worked for the Shay Foundation, a program started by her late parents that focuses on education, arts, performing arts, and music.

She is, of course, now a reality TV star as a result of the show. But it’s not something she ever imagined for herself. She told People,

Did I expect the show to be successful? No, I wasn’t even expecting to be in front of the camera. I’m very shy and I went along with whatever situation was happening. I was just being me. I think the success of the show has a lot to do with how Netflix, Jeff Jenkins and his production company handled things. It’s really thanks to them.

Anna Shay’s net worth is estimated to exceed $600 million, making her one of Bling Empire‘s wealthiest cast members. But, given that she’s one of the major characters of Netflix’s blockbuster reality show—which now has a Bling Empire New York spin-off on the way—we’re sure that staggering figure has risen.

The Shay family’s money has been tied to some of the “ugliest aspects” of the Vietnam War. According to NBC (opens in new tab), which cited material released by the University of Texas at Dallas, the CIA recruited Anna’s father’s company to develop interrogation facilities in South Vietnam in 1964.

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