How Old Is Bre Tiesi From Selling Sunset? Age & Birthday!

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How Old Is Bre Tiesi From Selling Sunset? Age & Birthday!

Bre Tiesi from Selling Sunset is currently 32 years old. Born in 1991, she celebrates her birthdate on May 4 every year. Well, let’s know more about her in detail.

Selling Sunset, created by Adam DiVello, is one of the most popular reality shows on Netflix, combining real estate with drama in a way that few can resist. The Oppenheim Group’s different employees are situated in Los Angeles, California, and they face numerous personal and professional challenges that frequently set them against one another.

Breana Tiesi aka Bre Tiesi, who first appeared on the show in Season 6, was able to manage a fan base of her own because of her personality as well as her connection with Nick Cannon. In case you’re unaware, she is the mother of Cannon’s 8th child. The couple welcomed their son, Legendary Love Cannon, in July 2022.

With the release of Season 8, Bre is once again in the spotlight and has quickly managed to become a favorite of many viewers. On the other hand, we have discovered that a lot of people are curious to know about his age. How old do you think Bre is? Let’s find it out.

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Selling Sunset: Bre Tiesi Is 32 Years Old as of 2023!

The Oppenheim Group is certainly composed of many experienced real estate agents. Bre Tiesi (@bre_tiesi), on the other hand, shocked viewers as she looked way too young as soon as she first made an appearance on Selling Sunset season 6. Her age became a popular discussion among her fans. Well, she is 32 years old as of this writing.

According to reports, Bre was born in 1991 in Calabasas, California, and celebrates her birthday on May 4 every year. Only 2 or 3 other cast members are younger than her on Selling Sunset.

Bre Tiesi is 32 years old at the moment. blurred-reality.comBre Tiesi is 32 years old at the moment.
Image Source: Instagram

Although the agents on Selling Sunset may be mean with each other sometimes, it’s great to see women in their 30s and 40s flourishing in their businesses while also excelling in their personal lives, and Bre is no different.

The entrepreneur was well-known prior to her involvement on the hit Netflix reality show, and she easily shifted from model to luxury real estate agent. Bre looks wonderful, and it’s difficult to believe she’s just 32 because of all the triumphs she’s had in her adult life.

It takes years to build a rapport and a track record with the exclusive Oppenheim Group, and Bre has demonstrated she was up to the effort with her strong, ambitious attitude in Selling Sunset. It’ll be interesting to see how her character develops in upcoming seasons.

Is Bre Tiesi Leaving Selling Sunset?

Bre‘s continuous dispute with Chelsea Lazkani is highlighted in Selling Sunset season 7, as is a new cast member with whom she has concerns. That drama, on top of wanting more of her commission but being refused, leaves Bre frustrated with the show and the Oppenheim Group at the end of the season. But does this mean she is leaving the show and the Oppenheim Group?

Because an eighth season has yet to be confirmed, we don’t know what her future on the program will be. But we can tell that Bre has not publicly stated her intention to leave the reality show. However, it appears that she is still employed with the Oppenheim Group.

Bre Tiesi is still listed as an employee on the Oppenheim Group's official website. blurred-reality.comBre Tiesi is still listed as an employee on the Oppenheim Group’s official website.
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Bre is still listed as an employee of the Oppenheim Group on the company’s official website. We’re sure they would have removed her from the website if she wasn’t still working for the high-end brokerage. When the Selling Sunset season 7 reunion special airs on Netflix on November 15, we’ll know for sure if she’s still working with Brett and Jason Oppenheim. But, for the time being, we believe it is safe to infer that she is still an active employee.

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