How Old Is Ryohei Arisu in Alice in Borderland? Netflix Update!

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How Old Is Ryohei Arisu in Alice in Borderland? Netflix Update!

Talking about his age, Ryohei Arisu from Netflix’s Alice in Borderland is 24 years old. Arisu, who is video game obsessed and doesn’t fit in with his family, is the protagonist of the show. Follow to know more about him in detail.

Just in time for the long holidays, Netflix has brought back Alice in Borderland. The second season of the Japanese deadly competition thriller, which debuted on Netflix in December 2020, covers the remaining 33 chapters of Hara Asu‘s manga, while the first season focused mostly on the first 31 chapters.

The series stars Kento Yamazaki as Ryohei Arisu as the lead character. In the old world, Arisu was an aimless young man who liked to spend his days immersed in video games rather than working. He discovers that if he wants to survive in the Borderlands, he must take part in lethal games when he first goes there with his friends Karube and Chota.

Arisu shows off his ability as a player right away by using his experience with video games. Along the way, he loses both Karube and Chota, but with Yuzuha Usagi‘s help, he recovers his strength. Many viewers have been obsessed with the character of Arisu and seek to learn more about him. Well, here’s everything we know about him, including how old he is.

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Talking About His, Ryohei Arisu Is 24 Years Old in Alice in Borderland: Know More About the Character in Detail!

Talking about his age, Ryohei Arisu is 24 years old in Alice in Borderland, according to Wikipedia. He lived in the original universe where he was lazy, unemployed, and a gamer all day. But after being taken to the Borderland, where he can take a broad view of the games and infer various things about game designs, this turns out to be good for him.

Arisu has shown to have a kind heart, after all. He attempted to warn everyone about the location of the tagger during the game of tag, which Usagi praised him for. He didn’t betray anybody throughout the seven of hearts game; instead, he tried to calm everyone down and find a solution so that everyone could survive. He had revealed to Chishiya that the reason he was still alive was because of Usagi’s inspiring words, which motivated him to return to the real world with everyone.

Arisu, played by Kento Yamazaki (@kentooyamazaki), appears to be most proficient in playing for Heart cards as of season one after recognizing that their goal is to pit opponents against one another and make the winner look foolish. After winning the Seven of Hearts game, he came to this conclusion, and he later used this emotional insight to help him win the Ten of Hearts game at the Beach. He is clever, has quick reflexes, and thinks very quickly. He has shown to be the group’s intellectual leader while still being able to participate in games.

Twelve blimps appear in the skies carrying banners depicting different face cards as the second stage of the game starts. The King of Spades, whose game, Survival, covers the whole Borderlands, forces Arisu and the others to depart right away.

Arisu comes to the conclusion that if they engage in other games, the King of Spades will eventually leave them alone. He also has a burning desire to learn the truth about the Borderlands, and he is hoping that one of the face cards will reveal it to him.

Arisu has conflicting emotions following her meeting with the King of Clubs. They lose Tatta in the process, despite the fact that he leads his side to victory. Additionally, the King of Clubs advises him to enjoy his life to the fullest rather than providing any information about the game or Borderlands. While being pursued by the King of Spades, Arisu and Usagi momentarily become separated, at which time Arisu learns that Aguni is still alive.

At the Queen of Spades’ game, Arisu finally meets Usagi, and when they team together to save a child, their relationship grows even stronger. After helping Aguni in defeating the King of Spades, the two of them proceed to the final game, which is being hosted by Mira Kan, the Queen of Hearts, whom they both met at the Beach’s headquarters.

By convincing Arisu that everything he has seen in the Borderlands is a fabrication of his imagination as a coping strategy for losing his two friends, Mira almost manages to persuade him to stop playing the game. To prove to him that she is real, as well as the things they experienced together, Usagi cuts up her wrist.

Arisu escapes Mira’s control as his natural protective instincts take over. Arisu, like all other survivors, is given the option of remaining in the Borderlands as a citizen or going back to the old world after beating the game and killing Mira. Usagi and he both decide to go back.

After a meteorite erupted over Tokyo, Arisu experienced a cardiac arrest and was sent unconscious for a moment before awakening in the old world. He doesn’t recall much about the Borderlands, but he has the impression that he has seen Usagi before when he encounters her again. The two decide to spend some time together because Usagi shares the same sentiment.

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