Meet Heather Chase from ‘Below Deck’ Season 9 on Instagram

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Meet Heather Chase from 'Below Deck' Season 9 on Instagram

Below Deck Season 9 new cast & chief stew Heather Chase joins the Bravo show in 2021. Some fans wonder who she looks like. Others are curious about her teeth.

Heather Chase is the newest chief stew making her debut on Below Deck Season 9. Following Kate Chastain‘s departure, she is the second individual to fill in the job.

Here’s a rundown of all you ought to know about her.

Who is Heather Chase from ‘Below Deck’ Season 9?

The blonde bombshell Heather Chase spent her childhood in Hawaii and adores the place she calls home. On Instagram, she frequently emphasizes how much the islands and culture mean to her.

Heather discloses her age in the Below Deck Season 9 opener, revealing that she is 25 years old. Heather is from a close-knit family that values family pride above all else.

She also has a strong affinity with her grandparents, who she credits with shaping her into the woman she is today. Despite her heavy workload, Chase always makes time for her family and friends.

She is currently dating her boyfriend Kegan Tyler Emms, who she appears to have stumbled across through her job as a stewardess.

Although it is unknown when the pair precisely met, Kegan seems to have been a part of the same crew as Heather on multiple occasions.

What is Heather Chase’s Role on My Seanna?

Heather Chase serves as a chief stew, which is a terrific feat for someone her age. Despite her youth, she has had to work exceptionally hard to get through the ranks. She even washed dildos because it was her profession at one point.

When required, the new head stew isn’t hesitant to offer her opinion and put others in their place. It will be intriguing to see how she interacts with chef Rachel Hargrove.

Heather Chase is Active on Instagram

Away from yachting, Heather Chase is a professional yoga instructor. She is a frequent social media user, notably on Instagram, where she has over 14.2k followers as of November 2021.

Her Instagram account is full of positive sentiments, showcasing her love of life and simply living her aspirations.

Below Deck Season 9 premiered on Bravo on 25th October 2021.

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