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When Ginger Reiter met the comic Jackie Mason, she was 26 years old. She had recently relocated to Florida from New Jersey and was seeking a doctorate degree in hearing-impaired education at the University of Miami.

Jackie and Ginger fell in love. Then, on 15th December 1985, Ginger welcomed a baby daughter she named Sheba Halley Mason.

The comedian had no desire for a child or a wife. He had always made that abundantly clear. However, he phoned and sent money throughout the pregnancy. And after Sheba was born, when he saw her, he truly played the role of adoring father.

In public, though, he refused to confess he was a father. That slightly irked Reiter as she saw Mason launch one of the most miraculous retorts in show business history when his play named The World According to Me! became a massive success on Broadway in 1986.

Mason had been paying Reiter $750 a month, but he felt his newfound success demanded more. She requested $1,500. He declined, and Ginger Reiter claims he ceased to send money.

By 1988, she’d had enough and filed a paternity suit against him in Dade County, Florida. He filed a libel claim against her. He was, nonetheless, compelled to submit to a blood test. It displayed a 99.94% likelihood of him being Sheba’s father.

Despite this, he declined to pay child support. Reiter was booted from her townhouse, and she and Sheba relocated with her mother, surviving on credit card cash advances.


While Jackie Mason passed away at the age of 93, Ginger Reiter’s current age is unknown.


Ginger Reiter does not have an official Wikipedia page.

Jackie Mason’s Wife

Jackie Mason is survived by his wife Jyll Rosenfeld. The couple never had any kids.

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