Gayle King’s Weight Loss in 2023: Ozempic or Surgery?

Bikram Karki

Gayle King’s Weight Loss in 2023: Ozempic or Surgery?

Gayle King has undergone a significant weight loss transformation in 2023 and people wonder if she used ozempic pills or underwent surgery. Well, she used neither of the methods. The 68-year-old journalist did it naturally by following various workout routines and diets.

Gayle King, a well-known American television personality and broadcast journalist, is mostly known for co-hosting CBS This Morning. She serves as an editor-at-large for the monthly American magazine O, The Oprah Magazine, which was founded by Oprah Winfrey.

King began her career as a television news anchor at many different stations before joining CBS affiliate WFSB-TV in Hartford, Connecticut, where she stayed for the following 18 years. She has also contributed to various television specials and documentaries throughout the years, in addition to appearing in films and on television.

On the other hand, Gayle King does not look the same as she used to look a few years ago because of her body transformation. She has lost significant weight in recent years. As a result, many of her followers have been curious to know how she was able to lose weight. Well, we’ve got you covered.

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2023: Gayle King Has Undergone a Significant Weight Loss Transformation in 2023 & People Wonder What Her Secret Is!

Thanks to her incredible weight loss, Gayle King (@gayleking) does not look like the same person in 2023 as she was a few years ago. She looks more happy, confident, and positive these days.

Thanks to her weight loss, Gayle King looks incredible in 2023.Thanks to her weight loss, Gayle King looks incredible in 2023.
Image Source: THE Hollywood REPORTER

Speaking about her weight loss in an interview with E!, the 68-year-old journalist told that she felt great after losing 25 pounds at that time. She also indicated that she needed to lose more weight saying,

I feel really good. And I know there’s more work to do.

In the same interview, she also revealed that she was trying to fit into a dress she wore years ago. Many people wonder if she used an ozempic pill or underwent surgery to lose weight. Well, she did it naturally, following different workout routines and diets.

If you follow Gayle King on Instagram, you probably know that she has become an avid fitness enthusiast. She frequently shares about her fitness journey on the platform. Over time, she has tried multiple weight loss techniques, including broth fasts, working out multiple times in a week, staying physically active whenever possible, etc.

According to her, she previously struggled with her weight gain, particularly during the pandemic, and even labeled her weight gain as a “crisis.” However, it seems 2023 is her year. She now looks to be in better shape than ever.

Thus, no one can deny the fact that Gayle King has been pretty successful in her weight loss journey. Considering she is in her late 60s, we should praise her for putting in the work and having the desire to stay healthy.

Here’s Why Gayle King Divorced Her Ex-husband!

Since 1981, Gayle King had been seeing William Bumpus, a lawyer from the United Kingdom. The pair married in 1982, and they have two kids: Kirby, a daughter, and William Bumpus Jr., a son. So why did they divorce after a marriage of eleven years? Actually, the tale is rather depressing.

Gayle King divorced her ex-husband after she found him cheating.Gayle King divorced her ex-husband after she found him cheating.
Image Source: Instagram

Gayle disclosed to the U.S. Sun that she once caught William in bed with a different lady. Gayle found healing through counseling, even joking that the living person that she detested the most (via a questionnaire) was, “The woman I caught naked with my now ex-husband on June 24th, 1990 at 9:16 p.m., but I don’t remember the details.”

According to the Daily Mail, the unnamed friend didn’t even show any remorse for her actions. However, Gayle kept it classy when asked to comment on her ex-friend’s identity. Since then, Gayle has understandably kept quiet about her own dating life. However, she once revealed that she went on a date with a man several times, but it was eventually revealed that he was still married.