Did Felicity Marmaduke Really Get Pregnant by a Dead Man?

Shibakshya Rai

Felicity Marmaduke Claims She Got Pregnant by a Dead Man! blurred-reality.com

In 2010, a woman named Felicity Marmaduke claimed that she got pregnant by a dead man. A DNA test later revealed that the baby indeed came from a dead man. However, the news has never been confirmed by a verified source.

We all have definitely heard or witnessed some very very strange stories in our life. We hardly accept those stories even if it has been confirmed by officials. One of the most strange and creepy stories is of Felicity Marmaduke when she made headlines in 2010 claiming she got pregnant after having s*x with a dead man.

Felicity, who was employed as a mortuary worker, claimed she got pregnant by a dead man in 2010. It has been almost 13 years since the incident. However, many people deny believing the incident to this date. Well, if you’re one of them, we are here to confirm what the truth is.

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Felicity Marmaduke Claimed That She Got Pregnant After Having Sexual Intercourse With a Dead Man!

We’re unsure if the Felicity Marmaduke got pregnant by a dead man story is true to this date. In the span of 13 years, a lot of online sources have covered her unusual story. However, none of them are verified. As a result, we still have to wait for a verified source to confirm the story.

We're unsure if the Felicity Marmaduke getting pregnant story is real. blurred-reality.comWe’re unsure if the Felicity Marmaduke getting pregnant story is real.
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Coming back to the story, it’s said that Felicity Marmaduke, who was 38 years old at that time, ended up having sexual intercourse with a dead body she was to maintain in 2010. Marmaduke said in a statement to authorities that the suspected victim had an erection after death while bathing. Marmaduke, who was by himself, straddled the dead man and began having sex with him. She was shocked when, after some time, the alleged victim began to orgasm.

A few weeks later, Marmaduke had a positive pregnancy test while getting a routine medical test. She admitted how she got pregnant, and the police were notified right away.

It is also said that a DNA test was conducted after the birth of the child and the result came positive. She was immediately arrested and released on a $250,000 bail.

Since the story has yet to be verified, we’re unaware of where Felicity Marmaduke or the baby are these days. If the story is true, Felicity is in her 50s and the baby is in his/her teenage years. We will surely get back to you as soon as we get any confirmation about the story.

Can a Dead Man Really Impregnate a Woman? What Does the Science Say?

No, someone who has died cannot impregnate a woman. Pregnancy occurs when a woman’s egg is fertilized by the sperm of a living male. Following death, the body decomposes and all vital bodily processes, including the creation of sperm, stop.

Although sperm can, under the right circumstances, such as in a carefully controlled laboratory setting, live for a brief period of time outside the body, they still need a living host to reach and fertilize an egg. Sperm cells are fragile and need support from a number of components in the male reproductive system to stay alive and be able to fertilize. These circumstances cease to exist when a guy dies.

When thinking about these kinds of topics, it’s crucial to rely on scientific knowledge and biological principles. There may be tales or traditions that claim differently, but there is no scientific proof for them. Both the male and female partners must have active, living reproductive systems in order to carry out pregnancy and reproduction.

If there are any exceptional situations or singular examples that contradict this idea, they would need to undergo careful scientific scrutiny and validation in order to be taken seriously.