Peter Kay’s Illness: Does His Wife Have Cancer? All Health Problems (Diseases) Discussed!

Shibakshya Rai

Peter Kay's Illness: Does His Wife Have Cancer? All Health Problems (Diseases) Discussed!

Talking about Peter Kay’s illness (health problems), he recently underwent surgery to treat kidney stones. However, he has never been diagnosed with cancer with any other major diseases. Likewise, his wife also does not have cancer.

Peter Kay, who was born on July 2, 1973, began his career as a stand-up comedian before moving on to other aspects of TV over time, including acting. He has authored screenplays for popular television shows like Car Share and Phoenix Nights over the years. The comedian has also written four books as well as completed numerous sold-out tours.

Following a 12-year break from the spotlight, Peter is now back for his tours. On the other hand, many people have previously speculated a lot of things about his health. They claimed that he was on a break because of his illness. Some even spread the rumor that he has cancer. Well, let’s find out what the truth is.

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People Wonder What Illness Peter Kay Has: Is It Cancer?

We’re happy that Peter Kay (@peterkay_co_uk) is finally back for his tours. However, he did not take a break from the spotlight because of his illness. He labeled the reason as “unforeseen family circumstances.”

Peter Kay is not suffering from any kind of major illness. blurred-reality.comPeter Kay is not suffering from any kind of major illness.
Image Source: Buzz

However, he does have suffered from many health problems during his 12-year break and he has been pretty open about it so far. He previously acknowledged that he underwent surgery to treat kidney stones, highlighting the difficulties he encountered with regard to his health. Despite withholding some information, Kay’s openness to talk about his health issues provides insight into the unique challenges he has faced.

On the other hand, a lot of people have been spreading the rumor that he might have cancer. Well, he does not. Rumors claim that his active involvement in spreading awareness and helping cancer patients and researchers through charitable activities is what led to his cancer diagnosis.

Peter Kay clearly cares deeply about the issue, but that does not necessarily mean he has been a victim of the disease. The statements concerning his cancer illness are false and should be ignored in order to prevent disinformation from spreading.

Talking about his recent health update, it looks like he is healthier and in better shape than ever. A picture he took after his 02 show indicates that he has undergone a significant weight loss during his break. He looked very happy and energetic in the picture. It appeared as if he has not suffered from any kind of illness for a long time now.

Regardless, we must be happy Peter Kay is finally back to make us laugh to death. We will, however, get back to you again as soon as we get any updates about his possible illness.

Does Peter Kay’s Wife, Susan Gargan, Have Cancer?

Just like Peter Kay, his wife, Susan Gargan, has also been a victim of false rumors about her health. Yes, Susan also does not have cancer, just like her husband. People have been spreading rumors just because Peter is very supportive to raise awareness about cancer. Now that we know what the truth is, let’s get to know about their initial meeting and how they got married.

Peter Kay's wife, Susan Gargan, does not have cancer. blurred-reality.comPeter Kay’s wife, Susan Gargan, does not have cancer.
Image Source: The US Sun

The couple first met in a nightclub in Bolton in 1998, while Peter was working at a local cinema and Susan was apparently working at Boots. They went on to have a second date at an ice rink after their initial meeting, which, in Peter Kay’s opinion, didn’t go so well. Peter Kay described the date in his book, “That Peter Kay Book,” stating, “I took a girlfriend ice skating once on our second date and I fell and broke my arm in two places.”

After three years of dating, they got married in 2001, and since then, they’ve made an effort to lead regular, private lives as a family. The couple has 3 children—Charlie Michael Kay and two younger children they’ve chosen to keep out of the public eye.

Peter Kay claimed that becoming a father had transformed him with the birth of their first son, Charlie. The pair have kept their children and relationship private, with little known about Susan and their three children.