How Did Jasmine Cooper Get Scar on Her Face? Summer House Update!

Shreeyantra Rai

How Did Jasmine Cooper Get Scar on Her Face? Summer House Update!

Jasmine Cooper from Summer House: Martha’s Vineyard has a big scar on her face. While she has yet to clarify how she got it, we do know that it has been on her right cheek since her childhood. Thus, it could be a birthmark or maybe she might have gotten it from some kind of injury. 

Summer House: Martha’s Vineyard, a thrilling spinoff of the well-liked reality series Summer House, is currently streaming on Bravo. The show follows a group of 12 friends who are all young, successful Black adults as they spend their summer vacation on Martha’s Vineyard. The group must balance their personal and professional lives while taking advantage of everything the island has to offer.

The show promises plenty of drama, comedy, and romance. Viewers can anticipate an exciting ride as the buddies let loose and enjoy themselves, from beach parties to opulent dinners to summer hookups. Each member of the group contributes their own flavor to the show with their vivacious personalities and distinctive viewpoints, making the show a must-watch for both longtime viewers and newbies.

Jasmine Ellis Cooper, one of the cast members, has been getting a lot of attention because of her personality. On the other hand, we’ve recently discovered that people are interested to know about the scar on her face. Well, we’ve got you covered.

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Jasmine Cooper From Summer House Has a Big Scar on Her Face (Right Cheek)!

Jasmine Cooper (@jasmineelliscooper) from Summer House: Martha’s Vineyard has a big scar on her face. It is clearly evident as it covers half of her right. While many of her fans wonder what happened to her face, Jasmine has yet to clarify the reason behind it. As a result, we’re compelled to speculate and provide a few possibilities for her scar to our readers.

Jasmine Cooper has a huge scar on her face (right cheek). blurred-reality.comJasmine Cooper has a huge scar on her face (right cheek).
Image Source: Instagram

We went through her all Instagram pictures and found that the scar has been on Jasmine’s face ever since she joined the platform. It means that it looks like a permanent scar. Matter of fact, there’s a high chance it is on her since her birth.

We do not believe it is a wound because it has been years and years since she had the scar on her face. A wound does not take this long to be healed, no matter what kind of wound it is.

On the other hand, it is also possible that she might have gotten the mark from some kind of incident during her childhood like a burn or an accident. A lot of scars from these incidents remain permanent.

Additionally, we have to understand that scars on the face can leave lasting imprints, not just physical but emotional as well. These visible marks can serve as reminders of past struggles and battles fought. Every scar has a distinct story that demonstrates courage, strength, and survival. They might see medical procedures, accidents, or even the aftereffects of a full life. Scars on the face can cause a range of emotions, from pride to self-consciousness.

Nonetheless, Jasmine is proud of how she looks and we too believe she looks absolutely stunning regardless. Furthermore, we will definitely get back to you as soon as we get any updates about the mark.

Meet Jasmine Cooper’s Husband, Silas Cooper!

Jasmine Cooper and her husband, Silas Cooper, have been married since June 2022. The couple initially met through the dating app, Hinge. After their initial encounter in Union Square, the couple enjoyed a romantic getaway to Martha’s Vineyard, where Silas proposed to Jasmine.

Jasmine Cooper and her husband, Silas Cooper. blurred-reality.comJasmine Cooper and her husband, Silas Cooper.
Image Source: Instagram

Jasmine took her friends to the island to celebrate their love after they got married last summer. Jasmine is appreciative of their romance and is happy to have Silas in her life. In a social media message, she highlighted their strong bond and love for one another while also celebrating their engagement and how they met.

First-generation Liberian American Silas is an accomplished person who graduated from Ivy League institutions and belongs to esteemed associations and fraternities. He is an officer in the Army Reserve as well as a finance employee. The love story of Jasmine and Silas is proof that true love can be found in the most unlikely of situations. Their marriage is a lovely illustration of two people coming together in love and respect. They are both talented folks who have found happiness in one other’s presence.