Elizabeth Rowe From ‘Is It Cake?’ Season 2: The Cake Artist is the Owner of The London Baker!

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Elizabeth Rowe From 'Is It Cake?' Season 2: The Cake Artist is the Owner of The London Baker! blurred-reality.com

Elizabeth Rowe, the winner of ‘Is It Cake?’ season 2, operates 2 The London Baker outlets in Texas, one in Lewisville and one in Castle Hills. The cake artist has previously been in Food Network’s Halloween Wars, Cake Wars & more.

Is It Cake? on Netflix is a one-of-a-kind reality baking competition series based on the prevalent internet meme of the same name. Each season, 10 accomplished pastry chefs from throughout the country fight for $75,000 in cash and prizes. The task is to make hyper-realistic cakes that resemble any everyday object, such as technology, clothing, furniture, or even artwork.

In each episode, the participants are assigned a subject and must select related elements to model their cake on, resulting in some absolutely amazing desserts. The show’s second season, like its predecessor, did not disappoint, showcasing ten amazing bakers from different walks of life.

Elizabeth Rowe, who won the show, has been getting a lot of attention because of her skills and personality. As a result, a lot of people have been wanting to know more about her. Well, we’ve got you covered.

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Meet the Winner of ‘Is It Cake?’ Season 2, Elizabeth Rowe: The Cake Artist Has Previously Been in Food Network’s Halloween Wars!

Elizabeth Rowe (@thelondonbaker) was born and raised in England and moved to Texas around sixteen years before appearing on Netflix’s Is It Cake? Season 2. She has been a baker since she was a child, and she used her abilities to create The London Baker.

Elizabeth Rowe is the winner of Is It Cake? Season 2. blurred-reality.comElizabeth Rowe is the winner of Is It Cake? Season 2.
Image Source: The Cinemaholic

Elizabeth’s passion project is a luxury bakery specializing in wedding cakes in the Dallas Fort Worth area, which she manages with eleven of her staff. Indeed, she stated on the show that she intends to make her team proud by winning and giving something back to them.

‘Is It Cake?’ season 2 is not the award-winning pastry chef’s initial entry into reality television. Elizabeth has previously been on Food Network’s Cake WarsDallas Cakes Challenge, Holiday Wars, and Halloween Wars. She has also received awards in some of the competition shows in which she has competed. Elizabeth discovered her love for frightening and zombie-themed cakes while working on Halloween Wars, and she ultimately perfected the technique of making them. She is particularly well-known for giving her food creations realistic eyes.

Elizabeth Rowe had a rocky start in the second season of the Netflix series when the judges called out her first two cakes. However, she quickly turned the tables with her creative and delectable canteen-themed cake, which helped her win the additional $10,000.

Elizabeth’s most spectacular performance, however, came in the season finale, when she collaborated with Pete Tidwell to produce a double-flavored cake shaped like a tool bag. The elaborate craftsmanship and perfect taste of her cake compelled the judges to award her the winner.

Elizabeth Rowe Oversees 2 The London Baker Outlets in Texas!

In her capacity as a business owner, Elizabeth Rowe presently oversees two The London Baker outlets in Texas, one in Lewisville and one in Castle Hills. According to the professional baker, she planned to use the show’s prize money to fix her house’s roof, which had been severely damaged by the floods.

Elizabeth Rowe runs 2 The London Baker outlets in Texas. blurred-reality.comElizabeth Rowe runs 2 The London Baker outlets in Texas.
Image Source: Digital Spy

According to what we know, Elizabeth returned to her regular life after Is It Cake? and is now focusing on rebuilding her home and developing her baking operation. Interestingly, despite her fame as a pastry chef, she likes to keep her personal life out of the spotlight.

While Elizabeth routinely posts her bakery’s delectable delights on Instagram, she does not use the social media network for herself. Nonetheless, she revealed on the show that she is blissfully engaged to Cody Daniel and joked that her “cowboy” fiancé was the reason she moved to Texas.

We are delighted to inform you that the pair married in a magnificent ceremony in April 2023. Elizabeth is delighted with her time on the show and appreciative of the opportunity. It has been delightful to see Elizabeth’s journey on the second edition of ‘Is It Cake?’ and we wish her the best in her future pursuits.