Eileen Franklin-Lipsker Now: What is She Doing Today?

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Eileen Franklin-Lipsker Now: What is She Doing Today?

Eileen Franklin-Lipsker from Buried on Showtime – What is she doing now? Find out what she is up to today. Viewers seek her Wikipedia, notably, details of Eileen Franklin’s husband & mother.

Buried, a four-part docuseries on Showtime examines the 1969 homicide of 8-year-old Susan Nason through the suppressed recollection that became the center focus of the entire case.

After all, Susan’s childhood closest friend, Eileen Franklin-Lipsker, came out in late 1989, twenty years after the crime, to claim that she had witnessed her father being the perpetrator. She’d just suppressed it.

Because Eileen had off-the-record chats with the Buried showrunners and did not show up on camera, let’s get to know where she is now and what she is doing today.

Who is Eileen Franklin-Lipsker from Buried on Showtime?

Back in the ’60s, Eileen Franklin-Lipsker was Susan Nason‘s neighbor, classmate, and closest friend in Foster City, California, where they lived just a few doors apart. The pair studied at the nearby school down the block, as they did on 22nd September 1969.

They could never have predicted Susan’s death on that fateful day. The odd thing about this situation is that, despite their friendship, Eileen never viewed any news headlines about it or mentioned it with anybody, particularly her family. The alleged reason for this was revealed years later when Eileen perjured her father.

In late 1989, Eileen Franklin-Lipsker was playing with her daughter, who was close to Susan’s age when she was murdered, when she remembered her father, George Franklin, reportedly seizing, raping, and bludgeoning her friend directly in front of her eyes.

She first notified her husband, Barry Franklin, who convinced her to contact and report the info to the police.

According to Eileen, on that tragic fall day, George scooped up Susan from their neighborhood before taking them to “the woods.” He reportedly lifted up Susan’s skirts and raped her in the rear of the car on arrival.

Eileen Franklin-Lipsker went on to say that George hit her buddy in the head with a rock and forced her to assist in covering her body with a sheet from their luggage.

Following this, he allegedly vowed to kill her as well if he caught a scent of her discussing it. Per Eileen, George even claimed that if she ever informed anyone what had happened, she would either be rebuked or arrested as an accomplice.

In addition, Eileen stated to the police and in court that her dad had molested her and a sibling when they were kids.

What is Eileen Franklin-Lipsker Doing Now?

Following George’s court hearing, Eileen Franklin-Lipsker co-wrote Sins of the Father: The Landmark Franklin Case: a Daughter, a Memory, and a Murder, in which she explained how childhood trauma had impacted her memory and recollections for decades.

She also started serving as an advocate, appearing on various talk shows to convey her message until retiring in the mid-1990s.

Her mother, Leah, who had previously supported her and deposed against George, had openly renounced her comments by that point.

Furthermore, according to Janice Franklin, Eileen had recovered her supposed memories of Susan’s murder using hypnosis. Finally, Eileen conducted a final round of interviews, insisting that her recollections are genuine regardless of the circumstances surrounding their resurrection.

All we know about her current status is she has relocated to California and has been widowed twice. Eileen, who is in her early 60s, has altered her name in order to disassociate herself from the past and stay completely anonymous for as long as she could.

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