Did Vanessa Villela Leave Selling Sunset? The Oppenheim Group Update!

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Did Vanessa Villela Leave Selling Sunset? The Oppenheim Group Update!

Vanessa Villela is rumored to leave Selling Sunset as well as The Oppenheim Group. Let’s find out if Vanessa is leaving Selling Sunset, and if yes, what could be the reason behind her detachment from the show. Some fans think Vanessa from Selling Sunset is straight-up annoying while others are more curious about her bum that hints at BBL plastic surgery.

Selling Sunset on Netflix is an American television reality show that features the lives of the twelve realtors of The Oppenheim Group, a group that is led by the real estate agent and developer, Jason Oppenheim, and is based in Los Angeles, California.

Selling Sunset premiered its first season in 2019, and with getting hefty profit, the production team has successfully brought the fifth season of the show.

Although The Oppenheim Group is known for its unity and togetherness, recently, many of its realtors are leaving the group as well as the cast of Selling Sunset. Some left the group because they were given more beautiful opportunities, and a few planned in leaving because they couldn’t connect with the realtors.

Presently, a scandal has been rumored regarding Vanessa Villela will leave Selling Sunset, and will no longer make her cast in Selling Sunset Season 6.

Did Vanessa Villela Leave Selling Sunset?

Taking out time from our busy life schedule, we tend to binge-watch different reality shows, and today, these reality shows have been part of our lives.

Recently, on 22nd April 2022, Netflix made a reality show Selling Sunset which was about the professional lives of twelve realtors, Christine Quinn, Chrishell Stause, Chelsea Lazkani, Emma Hernan, Jason Oppenheim, Romain Bonnet, Brett Oppenheim, Maya Vander, Vanessa Villela, Heather Rae El Moussa, Amanza Smith, and Mary Fitzgerald.

Vanessa Villela (@vannevillela) is a cast member of Selling Sunset and is deemed one of the top real estate agents of The Oppenheim Group. She has a good connection with all the realtors as well as the head of The Oppenheim Group, Jason Oppenheim. However, random claims have been made regarding Vanessa Villela leaving Selling Sunset. So, did Vanessa leave Selling Sunset?

It all started with the final episode of Selling Sunset where it has been shown that Vanessa was getting ready to board an international flight. So, this has created perplexity among the audience.

As Vanessa is going for an international flight, people misinterpreted that Vanessa was leaving Los Angeles, and in general leaving The Oppenheim Group and Selling Sunset. However, the actual reason behind Vanessa boarding the international flight was to meet the love of her life, Nick Hardy (@tomfraud).

Maybe Vanessa took leave for a few days or a month from Selling Sunset to spend quality time with her boyfriend but she is still a part of The Oppenheim Group and Selling Sunset. Even looking at the name of realtors, Vanessa Villela is still listed under the group, and thus, that clarifies that she hasn’t left Selling Sunset, and even in the upcoming seasons of the show, we will get to see more from her. So, are you excited to see Vanessa making her cast in the upcoming seasons?

Where is Vanessa Villela Now?

Recently, the cast member of Selling Sunset, Vanessa Villela got engaged to her long-term boyfriend, Nick Hardy. Nick gave a promise ring to Vanessa, got on his knees, and proposed to her. Vanessa accepted his proposal, and in no span of time, they are engaged.

They firstly crossed their paths in 2020 on an online platform, and after talking for three months, they met physically and grew in love with each other. As of today, Vanessa still works for The Oppenheim Group and resides in Los Angeles.

She is active on Instagram and posts her life updates through Instagram stories, and posts. Also, with her cast on Selling Sunset, the number of Instagram followers has tremendously uptrained.

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