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The Oppenheim Group: Did Maya Leave Selling Sunset? Season 5 Update!

Apr 28, 2022 @ 12:13 EDT
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The Oppenheim Group: Did Maya Leave Selling Sunset? Season 5 Update!

Maya Vander is a cast member of Selling Sunset on Netflix. It has been rumored that Maya actually left Selling Sunset and The Oppenheim Group. Let's find out if and why Maya would leave Selling Sunset.

The entrepreneur and realtor, Jason Oppenheim from Selling Sunset on Netflix had led eleven realtors and have collectively named them, The Oppenheim Group.

The group consists of popular real estate agents, Christine Quinn, Chelsea Lazkani, Jason Oppenheim, Emma Hernan, Maya Vander, Davina Potratz, HeatherĀ  Rae EL Moussa, Chrishell Stause, Brett Oppenheim, Romain Bonnet, Mary Fitzgerald, and Vanessa Viella.

The Oppenheim Group has changed to a reality show, Selling Sunset. The Netflix program depicts the personal and professional lives of the twelve realtors and even depicts their personal life with their love partners.

While The Oppenheim Group is known for its unity, slowly with time, many cast members have left the group. It has been claimed that Maya Vander detached herself from Selling Sunset as well as The Oppenheim Group. Let's find out if Maya actually left the group or is it just a rumor.

Did Maya Vander Leave Selling Sunset?

One of the renowned realtors and real estate agents, Jason Oppenheim formed a group, The Oppenheim Group which consists of twelve realtors including him, and this group is based in Los Angeles, California.

Upon catching Netflix's eyes, the group members have changed from being realtors to reality television stars. Basically, a new American television reality show, Selling Sunset was made based on this company, and the show released its first episode on 22nd April 2022.

Maya Vander (@themayavander) is one of the popular cast members of Selling Sunset, and one of the valuable realtors of The Oppenheim Group. She joined the Oppenheim Group from the beginning and thus is listed under one of the trusted realtors. Also, Maya has been making her cast in Selling SunSet since its first season in 2019.

Although Maya had no issues with any of the cast members and had a good time in The Oppenheim Group, she left the company, and her detachment from Selling Sunset has brought her controversy, and everyone is curious to know why Maya might leave the Oppenheim Group, and some have even claimed that Maya might have been fired from Selling Sunset.

The actual reason behind Maya leaving The Oppenheim group wasn't any conflicts or arguments rather she knew she was capable of being independent, and thus, wanted to open her own brokerage. As of now, she has even opened her brokerage, The Maya Vander Group, and has shifted to Miami.

Talking about her business, Maya said, "My business in Miami is really doing well. I started my own team here. I have a few girls that work with me. And the market in Miami is great."

There is a twist with Maya leaving The Oppenheim Group; she might have left the company and Los Angles to begin her own start-up, but she is still partially a part of The Oppenheim and is listed under the realtors of the group.

Moreover, Maya Vander shares a good relationship with Jason (@jasonoppenheim), and even while being in Miami, her work with Jason has been running smoothly.

Where is Maya Vander Now?

Presently, Maya Vander has moved to Miami, Florida, and as of today, she has been working as the head of her brokerage, The Maya Vander Group, and from her firm, it has been estimated that Maya is worth around $5 million. She is active on Instagram, and we get to know her life updates from her social media platforms.

Talking about her personal life, Maya Vander is married to David Miller, and she has a son, Aiden, and a daughter, Elle. Unfortunately, in 2021, Maya lost her son, Mason during the time of his birth.

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