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Diana Markosian is an American-Russian artist belonging to Armenian descent who works as a photographer, author, and documentarian. She is well-known for her picture essays, such as Inventing My Father, which is about her bond with her dad, and 1915, which is about the Armenian genocide.

Markosian was born in the Russian capital of Moscow. Her mother and brother shifted to California with her in 1996, while her father stayed in Russia. She was out of touch with him until she was 23 when she discovered her dad in Armenia 15 years later.

Markosian received a bachelor’s degree in history and world affairs from the University of Oregon in 2008 and a master’s degree in journalism from Columbia University’s Graduate School of Journalism at the age of 20.

Diana was assigned to Azerbaijan as a photojournalist for Bloomberg News in 2011, but she was refused entry because the nation was at war with Armenia at the time.

Markosian is of Armenian descent but not a resident there. Because of her Armenian surname, the administrators said they were unable to provide her with the “protection” she needed.

Exposure on Hulu

Nat Geo photographer Diana Markosian is one of the guest judges on the new Hulu reality series titled Exposure alongside Raven B. Varona. The contestants include Jose Ocasio and Krys Fox.

Santa Barbara Book

Santa Barbara book by Diana Markosian delves into the essence of family and the American dream. The photographer revises her family history via a series of staged images, referring to her mother as a woman rather than a parent for the first time, and coming to grips with the immense hardships her mother endured to become an American.

National Geographic

Diana was asked to investigate the influence and history of the Virgin Mary for her first task for National Geographic Magazine in 2015.

Photography / Photographer

Diana Markosian is a well-known photographer who uses photography and clip to tell intimate stories.

Diana Markosian’s Camera

While fans are curious to know what camera Diana Markosian uses, she hasn’t explicitly revealed her preference.


1915 is a collection of portraits, still lives, sketches, and archive photographs that examine the Armenian genocide through the eyes of three people who survived.

The Big Sea

Diana Markosian’s work The Big Sea documents young refugees confronting their fear of water as a result of harrowing sea crossings.

Dating / Relationship / Boyfriend

Daina Markosian has not revealed her boyfriend and relationship endeavors to the public, so her dating life is completely in the dark.

Diana Markosian’s Net Worth

Her net worth is currently under review.

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