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David Duchovny’s Religion: A Glance at His Jewish Roots!

Oct 10, 2023 @ 1:50 EDT
David Duchovny’s Religion: A Glance at His Jewish Roots!

David Duchovny, who follows the Jewish religion, recently discovered how his grandparents suffered because of their Jewish roots and ended up settling in New York. Delve with us to learn the journey of the Duchovnys.

David Duchovny has contributed a lot to the field of entertainment as he has given respectable performances as an actor, writer, producer, and musician. Mostly, he is known for his roles in The X-Files (1993-2002, 2016-2018) and Californication (2007-2014).

His character in California portrays a struggling novelist and screenwriter traversing the complexity of life in Los Angeles, highlighted by personal challenges, complex relationships, and substance misuse concerns, demonstrating his acting flexibility. Additionally, he has dabbled in the music industry, aspiring to be a singer-songwriter and releasing albums.

Earlier this year, David Duchovny discussed his background on the PBS program, Finding Your Roots. Ever since the release of the episode, many people have been curious to know what religion he follows. Let's find it out together.

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Religion: Explore David Duchovny’s Grandparents’ Journey From Ukraine to New York Because of Their Jewish Roots!

Talking about his religion, everyone knows that David Duchovny (@davidduchovny) is Jewish. However, his family history and background are what make everyone want to know more about his roots.

Moshe, his paternal grandpa, was from Berdychiv in contemporary Ukraine. However, Duchovny learns that his grandpa and his family made a few stops en route to the United States in an episode of Finding Your Roots.

The Duchovnys traveled to Jaffa at the start of the 20th century, where they established an inn. Sadly, the local Ottoman administration forcibly drove the Duchovny family and 6,000 other Jews out of the state one night in December 1914. The 63-year-old star gets emotional as he reads about what happened to his great-grandparents and grandfather.

The video shows how the Duchovny family was ejected from their homes with only bags and a few things one day by Bedouin police who had broken into the Jewish neighborhood of Jaffa, where they lived and worked. They were loaded onto the vessel Vincenzo Florio, which was bound for Port Said, Egypt.

David Duchovny's grandparents were among 6,000 Jews who were forced to move out of Jaffa in 1914. blurred-reality.comDavid Duchovny's grandparents were among 6,000 Jews who were forced to move out of Jaffa in 1914.
Image Source: Instagram

The "relatively orderly" deportation became violent late at night. Men were allegedly tossed overboard, valuables were stolen, women's jewelry was taken, and families were split apart, according to the newspaper item.

For your context, expulsions of Jews from Jaffa and Tel Aviv began when the Turks joined with the Central Powers during World War I, and the Duchovny family was one of them. The local authority had previously treated the Jews well, but now they were viewed as a threat to national security and potential allies of the Allied Forces. During the years of the war, tens of thousands of Jews who lived in Jaffa and Tel Aviv were forcibly deported; many of them did not survive the expulsions.

However, the Duchovny family eventually settled in New York, where David's grandfather rose to fame as a noted Yiddish author who worked for a small Yiddish newspaper with an Orthodox Zionist bent. Later, his father married his Scottish mother, Margaret "Meg", who was a Lutheran.

Who Is David Duchovny Dating in 2023?

As of 2023, David Duchovny is in a relationship with his girlfriend, Monique Pendleberry. The divorced father of 2 children, 63, is 33 years older than his current partner, 30. She recently celebrated her 30th birthday on June 14.

David Duchovny and his girlfriend, Monique Pendleberry. blurred-reality.comDavid Duchovny and his girlfriend, Monique Pendleberry.
Image Source: Reuters

They started dating in 2017 after they first met at a SunLife Organics Juicery owned by Duchovny's friend Khalil Rafati and where Pendleberry was working at the time.

He was previously married to actress Téa Leoni, 56, beginning in 1997, but they separated in 2008 when he checked himself into a rehab center for treatment of sex addiction. Ultimately, they got back together in 2011.

However, it didn't last long. The couple got divorced in 2014. They also have 2 children together: daughter West (30) and son Kyd (21).

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