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Is Tanya Tucker an Alcoholic?

Oct 8, 2023 @ 3:56 EDT
Is Tanya Tucker an Alcoholic?

No, Tanya Tucker isn't an alcoholic. She promotes tequila just for the purpose of business. However, she was into alcohol and drugs after her breakup with Glen Campbell in 1982.

Tanya Tucker is an American country music singer and songwriter who began her career at a very young age when she recorded her debut single, Delta Dawn, at the age of 13 in 1972. The song became an instant hit that eventually launched her career.

Throughout her career, she has won various honors and prizes, including Grammy and Country Music Association (CMA) prizes. Some her her hit songs include Lizzie and the Rainman, Texas (When I Die), What's Your Mama's Name?, Blood Red and Goin' Down, and Strong Enough to Bend.

If you've been following Tanya Tucker, you might have noticed that she often promotes a tequila brand named Cosa Salvaje, founded by Elle France. On the other hand, many people wonder if she is an alcoholic. Well, let's find it out.

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Discover if Tanya Tucker Is Really an Alcoholic!

Since Tanya Tucker frequently promotes tequila, people wonder if she is an alcoholic. blurred-reality.comSince Tanya Tucker frequently promotes tequila, people wonder if she is an alcoholic.
Image Source: Instagram

As you might know, Tanya Tucker (@thetanyatucker) is the face of a tequila brand named Cosa Salvaje. She often promotes the tequila on her Instagram. Of course, many people wonder if she is an alcoholic.

Before coming to the answer, here is what the 64-year-old singer previously said about her partnership with Cosa Salvaje:

I’m so thankful because I want to love something that I’m a partner in. It’s very, very smooth and I’ve introduced it to people who don’t even drink tequila, and now they drink it...I’ve had some friends that drink vodka and now they’re on the tequila. I try every tequila I can and I’ve done several blind tastes with my friends and every time mine has won — every time.

Clearly, Tanya is fond of drinking. However, she is not an alcoholic. Just because she adores and fancies alcohol (tequila) does not mean she drinks all the time. However, she was an alcoholic around 4 decades ago and she has been open to discussing that phase of her life over the years.

After her breakup with Glen Campbell in 1982, she began to consume alcohol and cocaine a lot. Her family finally confronted her in 1988 and convinced her to check into former First Lady Betty Ford's alcohol and drug rehab facility. She initially refused to receive treatment but started to change after receiving private counseling. Previously, she revealed,

Yeah, I got help... I learned about the addictions. But mainly I saw a lot of people were worse off than I am, which made me feel lucky.

As of now, there is not any strong evidence to speculate she is an alcoholic. And it seems she is in her best health. Regardless, we will get back to you as soon as we get any updates.

All About Tanya Tucker’s Partner!

Tanya Tucker may be a household name in the country music scene, but she is also known for having a difficult time finding true love. Thankfully, Tucker has finally found stability in her relationship with her musician partner Craig Dillingham.

Tanya Tucker and her current boyfriend, Craig Dillingham. blurred-reality.comTanya Tucker and her current boyfriend, Craig Dillingham.
Image Source: Instagram

Both Craig Dillingham and Tucker are native Texans who first met when they were just thirteen years old at a radio station in Fort Worth, Texas. With the release of her debut hit, Delta Dawn, Tucker rose to fame, whereas Dillingham had performed in a family group and was attempting to launch a solo career. He later had a top 40 success in 1983 and has since written many songs for other musicians.

For many years following that, Tucker and Dillingham were frequently in each other's lives. They continued to be friends and made two attempts to develop a love relationship, but it didn't work out. Then Lee Ann Womack, a friend and fellow country musician, took action in 2019.

Womack invited Dillingham to a show so that the two could interact since Womack is married to Frank Liddell, who is great friends with Dillingham. The two have been together ever since and plan to travel the world together.

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