Where Is Dave Kroupa From Omaha Now? Wikipedia, Age, Kids & Ex-wife Amy Flora!

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Where Is Dave Kroupa From Omaha Now? Wikipedia, Age, Kids & Ex-wife Amy Flora! blurred-reality.com

blurred-reality.com – People have been seeking details on where Omaha resident Dave Kroupa is now since the release of Lover, Stalker, Killer. Well, here is his complete Wikipedia, including info about his age, kids, and ex-wife Amy Flora.

Lover, Stalker, Killer on Netflix tells the true story of auto mechanic Dave Kroupa‘s online dating nightmare, which included years of stalking and harassment, arson, and murder. The documentary, directed by Sam Hobkinson, relies primarily on interviews with Kroupa, law enforcement officials, and other key participants in the case to piece together the events surrounding the perpetrator’s actions.

The Omaha resident even portrays himself in several of the documentary’s dramatic reenactment sequences. Additionally, it also includes a stunning surprise that (if you aren’t already aware of the facts of the event) will most likely catch you off guard.

Since the documentary has gathered a lot of attention, many people have been wanting to know more about Dave Krouple, including his age, kids, ex-wife Amy Flora, and where he is now. Well, here is his complete Wikipedia.

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Where Is Dave Kroupa Now? Does He Still Live in Omaha?

Dave Kroupa has kept a quiet profile since Liz Golyar‘s arrest, and he has said that he feels some responsibility over Cari Farver‘s death. He previously expressed his regrets for meeting Cari saying,

I’m very sorry for what happened. If I hadn’t met Cari, she would not have met Liz, and none of this would have occurred. If I had known I had to choose between this crazy and telling Cari I wasn’t interested, I would have told her. But you don’t have that option.

As of now, Kroupa still resides in Omaha, Nebraska with his girlfriend, Margie Hover. In an interview with PEOPLE, Hover previously said that the scars from what her lover went through are still visible.

Wikipedia: Dave Kroupa’s Age & Details on His Tragic Love Triangle!

Dave Kroupa‘s involvement in a terrifying love triangle has horrified many people. He worked as an auto mechanic in Omaha, Nebraska, and had just terminated a long-term relationship with his children’s mother in 2012. Looking for something more informal, he set up a dating site and met two women who would change his life forever.

Dave Kroupa is currently 47 years old. blurred-reality.comDave Kroupa is currently 47 years old.
Image Source: Netflix

One of these women was Cari Farver, whom he met while working at the auto shop. They dated for a short time until she unexpectedly disappeared. Despite her disappearance, Kroupa received over 15,000 threatening emails and 50,000 harassing text messages from Farver’s phone over the next three years.

Around the same time, Kroupa met Liz Golyar on a dating app. They had a passion for motorcycles and were both content with keeping their relationship casual. However, things took a nasty turn when Golyar also claimed to be receiving threatening texts from Farver. In 2013, Golyar accused Farver of destroying her home and killing her pets. She even said that Farver shot her in the leg.

However, law enforcement eventually discovered that Farver had been missing since 2012, and they determined that Golyar was behind the texts all along. She was arrested for Farver’s murder in 2016 and sentenced to life in prison in 2017.

Dave Kroupa’s Kids & Ex-wife Amy Flora: Where Are They Now?

Anything of this horrific incident wouldn’t have happened if Dave Kroupa and his ex-wife, Amy Flora, hadn’t had problems with their relationship. Despite being the parents of 2 kids (daughter Lexi and son Ryan), they parted ways as their relationship didn’t work. On the other hand, we would like to clarify that the two never got married. Hence, Amy is Dave’s ex-girlfriend, not his ex-wife.

Dave Kroupa with his ex-wife, Amy Flora, and kids. blurred-reality.comDave Kroupa with his ex-wife, Amy Flora, and kids.
Image Source: Netflix

Actually, Dave Kroupa and Amy Flora met in 2000 while working at a truck stop. They began to drift apart as their work schedules clashed, which led to their separation. Flora returned to Omaha with their children, and Kroupa moved closer to them. Kroupa promptly got a job as a mechanic and began online dating. That is when he encountered Farver and Golyar.

As of now, Amy Flora lives in Council Bluffs, Iowa, and has even given birth to a child with her new partner. Meanwhile, Dave’s kids appear to be focused on their own things.