Is Clay From Love Is Blind Not Into Women?

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Is Clay From Love Is Blind Not Into Women? – Clay Gravesande from Love Is Blind season 6 has recently been suspected of being into men because of his zesty personality.

Season 6 of Love is Blind, which premiered on February 14, 2024, brought together Amber Desiree Smith and Clay Gravesande. Sparks flew between them in the pods, and they left the show engaged. Their story captivated viewers as they handled the early phases of their relationship.

While their current relationship status is yet to be revealed, we have found that there’s an unusual rumor circulating on the Internet. Many people have been claiming that he is into men. Well, let’s discuss the rumor in detail.

Love Is Blind: Clay’s Sexuality in Doubt Because of His Expressions!

Clay Gravesande from Love Is Blind has recently been labeled gay because of his facial expression, body language, and mannerisms throughout season 6.  

Clay from Love Is Blind has been suspected of being gay.Many Love Is Blind viewers suspect Clay’s sexuality.
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Many people have taken to social media to discuss his sexual orientation and claim that he is either into men or into both men and women. They claim that he gave them a “zesty vibe” all season.

However, he has not made any comment regarding his sexuality and we request everyone to wait for strong evidence to discuss the rumor in detail. It’s important to remember that sexuality is a very sensitive subject and we’ll have to be careful before we make a conclusion.

Here’s Why Reddit Believes Clay Is Not Straight

Many Reddit users strongly believe that Clay is not straight and they didn’t take much time to give their clarification on why they believe so. When asked about the reason, one user wrote,

I don’t know how to explain it, really. Something about his mannerisms, facial expressions, etc. And he seemed unbothered by other men flirting with AD when they all met up. He was more interested in hanging with the dudes. Idk, just vibes I’m getting from him.

Most Reddit users are convinced that Clay from Love Is Blind is gay.Most Reddit users are convinced that Clay is into men.
Image Source: Instagram

In the same discussion, a lot of other Reddit users expressed their opinion on his sexuality with another user writing,

He gives me gay vibes, ngl.

Similarly, one user even speculated that he might be bisexual;

He’s either gay or bisexual, and I’m pretty sure he hasn’t disclosed this to production or AD. Major red flags for so many reasons.

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