Is Trevor From Love Is Blind on Juice?

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Is Trevor From Love Is Blind on Juice? – Trevor’s huge and well-defined physique has led many Love Is Blind viewers to wonder if he is on juice (injections). Additionally, his messed-up hair also hints that his body is not natural. 

Every season of Love Is Blind features at least one love triangle. And in every love triangle, one person leaves heartbroken. Trevor Sova is the person in his own triangle on season 6 of the popular Netflix reality dating show.

He instantly connects with flight attendant Chelsea Blackwell and the two bond over their similar senses of humor. He is completely committed to Chelsea from the start and is not afraid to tell her or the other men.

At the same time, Chelsea develops feelings for Jimmy Presnell, who is divided between Chelsea and Jessica Vestal, a single mother. In the end, Jimmy and Chelsea pick each other.

Despite leaving the show alone, Trevor has amassed a fan base of his own because of his personality. Of course, many have followed him on Instagram and discovered that his physique is his biggest strength. On the other hand, some even wonder if he is on juice. Well, let’s find it out together.

Many Love Is Blind Fans Believe Trevor’s Body Isn’t Natural

One cannot help but wonder if Trevor from Love Is Blind season 6 has received steroids after visiting his Instagram profile. His physique appears to be out of this world and many are convinced that he is on juice.

The moment he was shown on the screen, we already knew that he works out regularly. He looked pretty big. What we were unaware of was his ribbed and well-defined muscles.

Just a day ago, he posted a video showcasing his muscles and posing skills. Trust us, he looks like a professional bodybuilder. However, his physique has also left many of his fans wondering if he is not natural.

Trevor might have been taking various injections to maintain his body. blurred-reality.comTrevor might have been taking various injections to maintain his body.
Image Source: Instagram

Before coming to our conclusion, we would like to clarify that there’s nothing wrong with getting juice. However, it does come with some risks. It can affect your health in many problems. Just make sure you get any kind of artificial hormones only after consulting with proper doctors and a good gym trainer.

As for Trevor, we believe he is not natural. His muscle mass and muscle definition strongly hint that he gets cycled regularly. It is very hard to achieve and maintain such a physique regularly. Additionally, what supports our claim is his struggle with acne. People on juice usually get a lot of acne on their faces as well as their bodies.

However, do remember that he has not made any statement about getting or not getting juice. We do not have any evidence to confirm the claim. The given information is completely based on our speculation.

Trevor’s Usage of gym candy Might Be the Reason Why His Hairline Is Messed Up

Along with Trevor’s usage of various injections, his hairline is something a lot of Love Is Blind viewers have been interested in. They believe his hairline is messed up because of the regular or excessive use of artificial hormones.

Trevor's messed-up hair might be the result of juice. blurred-reality.comTrevor’s messed-up hair might be the result of juice. 
Image Source: Netflix

In case you’re unaware, many injectable hormones, particularly anabolic-androgenic steroids (AAS), affect hairlines. Male-pattern baldness is a common side effect that is characterized by a receding hairline and scalp hair thinning. This occurs when testosterone is converted into dihydrotestosterone (DHT), a hormone that shrinks hair follicles and shortens the hair growth cycle.

Genetics plays an important role in determining susceptibility, thus not everyone will experience the same level of hair loss. However, it is a known danger connected with steroid usage, particularly in people with a family history of baldness. Individuals thinking about taking juice should carefully evaluate the potential adverse effects.

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