Trevor’s Dog, Chelsea, Died Due to a Major Medical Condition

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Trevor’s Dog, Chelsea, Died Due to a Major Medical Condition – Love Is Blind’s Trevor recently shared that his dog, Chelsea, was struggling to survive when he left home for filming the Netflix show. Sadly, she later passed away.

Chelsea Blackwell isn’t the only Chelsea from Love Is Blind season 6 who is currently making headlines. Apparently, Trevor had a female dog named Chelsea who was sick at the moment he was filming the Netflix show in 2023. Trevor recently shared the information via his TikTok.

And it appears a lot of fans are touched by his story as they want to know more about Cheslea’s struggle with her medical condition in detail. Well, we’ve got you covered.

Chelsea Was Struggling to Survive When Trevor Was in Charlotte for Filming Love Is Blind

Trevor’s dog, Chelsea, was battling with her health as she was diagnosed with cancer when Trevor was filming Love Is Blind in Charlotte, North Carolina. 

If you’ve watched the episode in which Trevor gave Chelsea Blackwell a dog collar, you might now know why the collar was very special to him. And, while the gesture was quite kind, especially given that his dog’s name is also Chelsea, we had no idea how significant it would become after the event.

Trevor's dog, Chelsea, passed away due to cancer. blurred-reality.comTrevor’s dog passed away due to cancer.
Image Source: Instagram

Trevor took to TikTok this weekend to share the story behind the collar, which is so tragically coincidental that it will most certainly have you in tears.

The reason that I brought my dog’s collar is actually because she had cancer at the time

He also said that his dog had passed when he returned home after finishing filming the Netflix show. However, it gets even sadder. Trevor added that the day Chelsea broke his heart inside the pods was also the day his dog died.

I just thought that was a crazy, sad, story and I wanted to get it off my chest. It’s a nice little behind-the-scenes thing that no one really knows, so I just wanted to let everyone know that was the reason behind why I presented her the collar.

Unsurprisingly, viewers are heartbroken for Trevor, not just because he has lost his beloved dog, but also because he is such a stand-up man who has had a less-than-stellar season thus far. Kudo to Trevor for agreeing to film the show despite his beloved dog’s poor well-being.

Chelsea Had Already Died When Trevor Returned to Home

Chelsea, Trevor’s dog, was immensely sick when he was in Charlotte for filming Love Is Blind. As per Trevor, she had cancer and she had already passed when he returned to his home.

Chelsea was very sick while Trevor was filming Love Is Blind. blurred-reality.comChelsea was in her ending days while Trevor was filming the Netflix show.
Image Source: Instagram

Even though this side of his story isn’t featured in the Netflix show, he recently shared it through TikTok. Already a fan-favorite, Trevor has since been getting a lot of praise and support from viewers. In April 2023, he posted a goodbye post to his dog with the caption,

Said goodbye to my best friend this week. Thank you for being the most loyal, loving dog I could ever ask for Chels 🙂

In the same post, a lot of his fans have been supporting him. One fan wrote,

So sorry for your loss, Trevor. ❤

Another wrote,

@trevor I am so sorry for your loss. I work as an ER veterinary assistant and help clients with their grief, daily. Take the time you need to heal. Feel all the emotions. 💔

Similarly, a third person wrote,

She lived a good life 🥹🌹 Thanks for being a great dog Dad

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