Are Meira and Oskar Still Together? Love Is Blind ‘Sweden’ Update

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Are Meira and Oskar Still Together? Love Is Blind ‘Sweden’ – We don’t think Meira and Oskar from Love Is Blind: Sweden are still together as they had a lot of problems with each other after getting engaged and do not follow each other on Instagram now. Well, here is our speculation of their journey.

Love is Blind on Netflix has fascinated fans since its debut in 2020, but its spin-offs fascinated fans even more. After Brazil and Japan, the popular franchise recently made its way in Europe for Love Is Blind: Sweden.

The format of the new spin-off is the same as of the original US version: singles fall in love with someone from the pods and choose to marry them despite their physical looks. They live together for the next four weeks, plan their wedding, and attempt to build their emotional bond through physical contact.

Meira and Oskar were one of the couples who got engaged from the Swedish version. With the final episodes still remaining to be released, many viewers wonder if they are still together. Well, we’ve got you covered.

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A Quick Glance at Meira and Oskar’s Journey on Love Is Blind: Sweden!

Before discussing whether or not they got married or are still together, let’s first have a quick flashback at their journey on Love Is Blind: Sweden. Meira (@meiraomar) and Oskar (@oskarnordstrand) hit it off right away when they started going on dates while in the pods.

However, the Netflix social experiment is also notorious for presenting participants with difficult choices, such as those faced by the two reality TV stars. Oskar’s problems began when he found himself attracted to both Meira and the stunning Isabelle Bergman. Oskar eventually chose to stop things with Isabelle, focusing solely on his growing relationship with Meira.

Oskar also believed it appropriate to inform Meira that he had opted to continue in the social experiment just for her. At the moment, Meira was caught up between him and her feelings for Johan Melin. While she loved the comfort she experienced with Oskar, she acknowledged that her smiles after spending time with Johan were always the biggest. Determined to prove how much he cared about Meira, Oskar wanted to go above and beyond.

While Oskar was into Meira, she was initially into Johan Melin. blurred-reality.comWhile Oskar was into Meira, she was initially into Johan Melin.
Image Source: Netflix

Though not an engagement ring, Oskar did gift Meria a promise ring, claiming that he would soon give her an engagement ring as well. This gesture clearly swept Meira off her feet, and Johan couldn’t help but be concerned about the situation.

Not long after, Meira chose to stop things with Johan, noting that, while she cared for him, she didn’t think they had the best connection in the pods, something she could surely say about Oskar. As a result, it came as no surprise that Meira accepted Oskar’s promised marriage proposal with enthusiasm.

Are Meira and Oskar Still Together?

Following their engagement, Meira and Oskar met for the first time and headed to Cyprus for their first holiday together. However, while there, they encountered numerous new challenges.

Despite having minor issues with each other, Meria and Oskar’s stormy relationship cooled down after moving in together. The former welcomed the opportunity to meet his partner’s mother and older sister and learn more about her culture. Meira was first concerned about how well Oskar’s family would embrace her, but Oskar’s mother’s fondness for her dispelled any qualms.

The only big difference between the two was that Meira preferred silence at times, whereas Oskar rarely felt comfortable being with someone without chatting. Though Oskar and Meira were able to overcome the obstacles in their relationship and got along well with each other’s families, they were still unsure of what they would say at the altar just a few days before the wedding.

Meira and Oskar disagreed on a lot of things after getting engaged. blurred-reality.comMeira and Oskar disagreed on a lot of things after getting engaged.
Image Source: Netflix

Meira, in particular, was open about how she thought that it wasn’t until the last two weeks before her wedding that she and Oskar were finally able to have a genuine connection and communicate effectively.

As of this writing, Oskar and Meira have chosen not to reveal the details of their relationship to the public. The couple’s difficulties throughout their Cyprus trip surely kept many viewers on edge. Furthermore, the fact that the two reality TV stars do not follow each other on Instagram has sparked speculation among fans that the couple may have decided not to marry.

As a result, we believe the couple isn’t together anymore. However, do not forget that it is solely based on our speculation since there has been no formal declaration addressing the matter, leaving the public in suspense about the two. We will find out whether or not they get married in the coming episodes that are all set to be released on January 26.