BTB Savage’s Girlfriend: Involved in Previous Robbery & Shooting Event, Find the Rapper’s Partner on Instagram!

Natalia Romanova

BTB Savage’s Girlfriend: Involved in Previous Robbery & Shooting Event, Find the Rapper’s Partner on Instagram!

In an interview with DJ Vlad, BTB Savage (real name: Darell Gentry) talked about how his girlfriend saved their lives during a robbery and shooting event. However, the dead rapper never revealed any information about her. Similarly, the police and media have not shared anything about her as well. Additionally, the rapper never posted anything about his girlfriend on his Instagram.

On Thursday, March 30, Darell Gentry aka BTB  Savage was shot and killed earlier this week near Houston’s River Oaks neighborhood. The aspiring rapper, who was born in Cleveland, Ohio, has worked with artists like Veeze and Skilla Baby.

According to several sources, two attackers from a black Subaru car attacked him while he was driving a white Mercedes. The event is said to have been brought on by the artist’s social media posts, in which he bragged about what appeared to be the results of shooting dead an accused intruder at his house.

BTB Savage discussed an alleged robbery event involving his girlfriend in a recent interview he gave for DJ Vlad‘s YouTube channel. He gave a lot of detail regarding what happened and how he and his girlfriend escaped the situation. On the other hand, many people have been curious to know who the rapper’s girlfriend is. Well, we’ve got you covered.

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BTB Savage’s Girlfriend: Neither the Media nor the Police Has Revealed Any Information About the Dead Rapper’s Identity!

Unfortunately, BTB Savage (@btb_.savage) never revealed any information about his girlfriend. Yes, the rapper’s girlfriend has yet to be identified. None of his Instagram posts give any glimpse about his partner. During the interview as well, he never mentioned her name. He, however, did tell that they had a 4-year-old son. Similarly, the police and media have also not revealed anything about her.

BTB Savage never revealed who his girlfriend was.

BTB Savage never revealed who his girlfriend was.
Source: Instagram

The police and FBI both believe that the shooting of the rapper might have taken after his interview with DJ Vlad aired. In the video, BTB Savage described an attempted robbery that took place at his downtown San Antonio apartment. He described two men attempting to rob him and his girlfriend, who were living with their son at the time, without identifying when the event occurred.

The rapper’s home was visited by a fellow rapper and his crew who wanted to work together and pay for a joint feature, according to Savage. After a brief introduction, one of the gang allegedly tried to rob Savage of his chain while flashing a gun. This led to an immediate and violent altercation.

In addition to his girlfriend being present, Savage claimed that his child was in a bedroom at the time of the alleged crime. Savage instructed his girlfriend to fire at the intruder as he and the invader were attempting to fight one other. In the interview, Savage referred to her as a “true gangster,” saying that while she accidentally shot Savage in the arm, she eventually saved their lives.

He talked about a protracted struggle over guns during which the man threatened to kill the rapper’s child, who was sound asleep in another room. BTB Savage was eventually able to leave the apartment with his girlfriend and child and go to the hospital to get help for his arm, which he said had exposed bones from the gunshot wound.

BTB Savage's left hand was injured after his girlfriend mistakenly shot him during the shooting.

BTB Savage’s left hand was injured after his girlfriend mistakenly shot him during the shooting.
Source: Instagram

The rapper said that the attacker, who had suffered several gunshot wounds, requested to be taken to the hospital as well, but BTB Savage claimed that he was just left in the apartment where he presumably died.

The rapper claimed that after speaking with him about the attempted robbery, police decided not to press charges against him or his girlfriend because it was self-defense. BTB Savage posted pictures on Wednesday, March 29, showing him posing with his watch and chain in front of a door with many gunshot holes and what seemed to be a significant amount of dried blood in one of his final social media postings before his alleged death.

San Antonio and Houston police were contacted by the media for comments. Several bullet casings were found at the scene of a drive-by shooting when a rapper was killed by someone wearing black sweatshirts and sunglasses driving a black Subaru, according to Houston TV station KPRC. However, the police have also announced that no arrest has been made yet.