Brooke Schofield’s Boyfriend & Ex-partner: Is She Dating Clinton Kane?

Bikram Karki

Brooke Schofield’s Boyfriend & Ex-partner: Is She Dating Clinton Kane?

Brooke Schofield is reportedly in a relationship with her boyfriend, Clinton Kane. While the couple has not made any official announcement, Brooke once posted a picture of her partner’s tattooed hand which matches Clinton’s tattoos. Furthermore, reports claim that Josh Grekin and Derek Smith are the names of her ex-boyfriends.

From acting to modeling to content creation, Brooke Schofield has been doing it all. Most known for her viral TikTok videos, she is currently one of the popular names on the platform.

Brooke was born in Chandler, Arizona, in the United States to her parents, Shawn and Fawn. She was raised along with her two sisters, Megan Lloyd and Tori Lynn Coates. She attended Corona Del Sol High School before she joined the University of Arizona. In several of her videos and tweets, she has opened up about her personal troubles, revealing that she was raised by an unstable mother who struggled with addiction for much of her life.

As one of the popular names on TikTok, Brooke Schofield’s personal life has been a subject of concern to many of her fans and followers, especially her relationship status. People wonder if she has a boyfriend or if she is single. Well, we’ve got you covered.

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Brooke Schofield’s Boyfriend: The TikTok Star Is Reportedly in a Relationship With Clinton Kane!

As of this writing, Brooke Schofield (@brookeschofield) has not revealed the name of her boyfriend. Even though she frequently shares her personal life with her fans and followers, Brooke has chosen to remain silent revealing her relationship status.

Brooke Schofield has not revealed anything about her boyfriend yet.Brooke Schofield has not revealed anything about her boyfriend yet.
Source: Instagram

Just like all of you, we also had a question, “What if she is single?” Well, we confirm that she is not single. On July 6, 2022, she posted multiple pictures on her Instagram with the caption, “Wholesome.” Sliding through the post, we found that the last picture was of her holding a man’s multiple-tattooed hand. Even though Brooke has not revealed whose hand it was, we believe the man to be his boyfriend.

Fortunately for you, we knew the hand and tattoos looked a little familiar. We did our research and finally found the man with the same tattoos. Well, it was the hand of none other than Clinton Kane (@clintonkane), a singer and a songwriter. His singles, Chicken Tendies and I Guess I’m in Love, gained a lot of attention in 2021. He has since become a popular name in the singing field.

The hand Brooke Schofield posted (left) matches with Clinton Kane's hand (right).The hand Brooke Schofield posted (left) matches with Clinton Kane’s hand (right).
Source: Blurred REALITY

On the other hand, some sources claim that Brooke Schofield has previously in a relationship with Josh Grekin and Derek Smith. Unfortunately, we don’t have any idea who her ex-boyfriends are.

Regardless, we have to note that Brooke has never revealed any information about her possible dating life. All of the given information is based on our speculation. But we promise we will get back to you as soon as we get any confirmation.

A Few Facts About Brooke Schofield!

According to IMDb, Brooke Schofield has had a few acting gigs. She is really attractive and articulate, and she deserves to be cast in more serious parts in the future, especially now that she is a more well-known social media personality. She appeared in Leave Him in the Dust and Hook, Line, Sinker in 2019.

Brooke Schofield’s childhood was not easy, and she has been quite open with her followers about it, particularly on TikTok. She has discussed what it was like to grow up with a mother who used illegal substances in some videos. Brooke excels in making humorous jokes out of situations that appear to be really bleak. A large part of the reason why so many of her admirers can identify with her is because of her desire to be so open and honest about her difficult upbringing.

Brooke Schofield allegedly worked as a hostess at a high-end restaurant where many celebrities dined, according to her TikTok. She posted feedback online on how these celebrities interacted with the wait staff in person, how much they tipped, and how she would personally rate them as dinner guests. She received a lot of views from viewers who were interested in seeing how well-known celebrities behaved away from the camera. She mentioned Justin Bieber, Hailey Baldwin, and Drake, among other celebrities.