Bam Margera’s Girlfriend, Jessica: A Toxic Relationship?

Smith Wilson

Bam Margera’s Girlfriend, Jessica: A Toxic Relationship?

Bam Margera was charged with domestic violence last month after he kicked his girlfriend, Jessica. Regardless, the couple is living together and is in another problem yet again. 

Bam Margera became a star overnight in the early 2000s after he was cast in the MTV reality series, Jack*ss, and its spin-off series, Viva La Bam. He has also appeared in numerous movies, including Haggard and Bam Margera Presents: Where the #$&% Is Santa?.  Additionally, Bam also had a career in skateboarding, and he has appeared in several video games as a playable character.

Bam Margera is currently making headlines as he is facing legal issues once more after being charged with making a murderous threat to Daniel Cardenas. Margera reportedly broke into Cardenas’ Oceanside, California, house in the middle of the night and threatened to kill him with brass knuckles.

According to Daniel Cardenas, Bam Margera has been staying in Oceanside, California with his girlfriend, Jessica, and her 8-year-old daughter in the wake of Bam’s domestic violence arrest. As a result, many people are curious to know more about his girlfriend, Jessica. Well, let’s find it out.

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Bam Margera’s Girlfriend, Jessica, Charged Him With Domestic Violence in Early March After He Kicked Her!

Bam Margera and his girlfriend, Jessica, have been living in one of the homes in Oceanside, California, ever since he was charged with domestic violence. However, you should be informed that Jessica was the one who charged him after he kicked her in early March.

Bam Margera was charged with domestic violence after kicking his girlfriend, Jessica.

Bam Margera was charged with domestic violence after kicking his girlfriend, Jessica.
Source: CinemaBlend

While the couple is still together, we have yet to know who Jessica is and how long they’ve been together. However, we do know that the 8-year-old girl living with Bam and Jessica is the child from Jessica’s prior relationship.

Talking about the latest incident, a 28-year-old man named Daniel Cardenas is one of the other residents of this Oceanside property, and in legal documents acquired by TMZ, he accuses Margera of breaking into the residence in the middle of the night last month, waking him up, and stating something along the lines of:

You have 12 hours to leave the house or I will kill you with my brass knuckles.

Cardenas claims that Margera’s threat caused his roommate to throw him out of the house and that 90 minutes later the Jack*ss star returned, awakened him, shoved “a handful of rings” into his face, and said that he only had “12 seconds to leave.”

Cardenas claims that the latter had “some very loud s*x in the house” a few days after the former was detained, and he thinks his girlfriend’s daughter could have heard it. Then, in the paperwork he submitted to request a court order for protection against Bam Margera, Cardenas stated the following:

All I can figure is Jessica told Bam about the loud s*x which her daughter overheard and this is why he was so upset, although it of course gives him no right to attack me, threaten my life, or kick me out of a home he has no rights to.

Cardenas claimed that Margera reportedly threatened him, telling him that the girl “will have PTSD for the rest of her life.” After the judge approved the restraining order, Margera is required to maintain a 100-yard distance from Cardenas and that Oceanside home.

Bam Margera has been given a restraining order to not trouble Daniel Cardenas anymore.

Bam Margera has been given a restraining order to not trouble Daniel Cardenas anymore.
Source: Hollywood Life

Daniel Cardenas won’t have to be troubled by Bam Margera any longer, assuming he doesn’t break the restraining order. However, as was already mentioned, this is only the most recent controversy in Margera’s life, and we’d be negligent if we didn’t also mention his struggles with sobriety and the fact that his wife Nikki Boyd filed for legal separation from him in February. She also claimed that he had abandoned her and their son Phoenix and had stopped providing for them. In the end, we promise we’ll certainly get back to you as soon as we get more information about Bam’s girlfriend and his life.