Mizu’s Love Interest in Blue Eye Samurai: Who Does She End up With?

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Mizu’s Love Interest in Blue Eye Samurai: Who Does She End up With? blurred-reality.com

Mizu has yet to have a love interest in season 1 of Netflix’s Blue Eye Samurai. But if someone else doesn’t come along and win her heart, she’ll probably end up with Taigen among the series’ characters.

Netflix‘s Blue Eye Samurai is a Canadian-American adult animated action streaming television series that takes place in 17th-century Japan when the country’s borders were closed to the rest of the world. The anime story revolves around Mizu, a biracial person who is exiled to Japan due to her mixed heritage. Her never-ending quests force her to confront the white men who are to blame for her existence. Along the way, she meets Heiji Shindo and Abijah Fowler. Hence, her revenge arc begins!

Although the story is rich in character dynamics, Mizu’s revenge mission serves as its central theme. She encounters difficulties on her journey, as all protagonists are expected to do. Overall, the story is interesting, as the fans seem to explain.

Since the release of the series, viewers have been fascinated by Mizu’s character and her ideal journey. As a result, they are curious to know more about her, especially her love interest and who she ends up with. Well, here’s what we’ve discovered.

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Who Is Mizu’s Love Interest in Blue Eye Samurai?

Blue Eye Samurai made headlines for its captivating story, well-written characters, and stunning animation, starring Mizu, a mixed-race sword master who wants vengeance on four white men. One of whom is her father, who has ruined her life. As a result, she is on a revenge mission, but viewers are curious to know who is her love interest in the show.

But to let you know, Mizu has yet to fall in love. At first glance, it appears that Mizu’s love life will not be explored in Blue Eye Samurai due to the story’s emphasis on her quest for vengeance. The animated series does not depict the main protagonist having a happy ending with another character.

Mizu does not appear to have a love interest in Season 1 of Blue Eye Samurai. blurred-reality.com Mizu does not appear to have a love interest in Season 1 of Blue Eye Samurai. 
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Although there are many male characters in the animated series, Mizu has only a few significant relationships with them. The first is Mizu’s sword father, who accepts her without hesitation even after she reveals her true identity to him. She is treated as an apprentice by Master Eiji, also known as the sword maker or “sword father,” who gives nothing in return.

The second is Mizu’s apprentice, Ringo, who most admires her ways, except for the one time she allows, Princess Akemi to be taken away. On the other hand, Ringo moves stealthily, frequently catching Mizu off guard, but his presence in Mizu’s life proves to be fruitful and beneficial. They have an unusual friendship, but they care about each other.

The third is Taigen, whom she defeated in the Shindo Dojo. She has a history with him, but their relationship has evolved over time. Another is with Chiaki of the Four Fangs, whom Mizu defeated and murdered. Furthermore, she is also linked to Abijah Fowler, one of four white men who plan to open Japanese borders to the outside world for the illegal trade of opium, drugs, and other contraband. Well, we just have to wait for season 2 to find out.

What Happens at the End of Blue Eye Samurai? Spoilers Alert!

At the end of Blue Eye Samuraid,  Mizu recovers at Eiji‘s place after nearly dying. Her desire for vengeance stems from her personal hatred for her unidentified father. Her only goal in life as she grows older is to avenge her misfortune.

Despite this, her dedication to her cause is called into question when she flees a fight with Abijah Fowler to protect herself and Taigen. When she is with Heiji, she attempts to repair her broken blade and works on her self-awareness. Her master teaches her the value of letting others into her life while remaining focused and determined.

Mizu sails away to London with Fowler imprisoned in a cage at the end of Blue Eye Samurai. blurred-reality.comMizu sails away to London with Fowler imprisoned in a cage at the end of Blue Eye Samurai. 
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In the final episodes, viewers see Mizu making her way towards Edo Castle, where she plans to kill Fowler and save Akemi. Ringo sticks by her side and helps her. Fowler’s royal court alliances make an appearance at the castle. Unfortunately, Fowler’s advanced weaponry poses a challenge to Edo’s defenders, who can only fight with swords and arrows. To the surprise of the fans, Fowler eventually shoots the Shogun.

Thankfully, Mizu intervenes before Fowler can harm the princes, resulting in a brutal battle. While Fowler appears to have the upper hand, Mizu’s rage works in her favor and fuels her determination. Surprisingly, Fowler offers to reveal information about other potential fathers.

As a result, Mizu lets him be and saves his life. Her quest to avenge Fowler does not appear to be limited to Fowler. She remains unfazed, and it is clear that she is eager to confront the other two possible fathers. Despite the fact that the series ends season 1 on this note, fans are eager to see how the story will progress.