Amber Noizumi From Blue Eye Samurai: Ethnicity & Family!

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Amber Noizumi From Blue Eye Samurai: Ethnicity & Family!

Amber Noizumi, who serves as one of the creators, writers, and producers of Blue Eye Samurai, is of mixed ethnicity. She was born to a Japanese father and a white mother. Follow to know more about her, including her husband and family.

Blue Eye Samurai on Netflix is an animated action-adventure show that takes place in 17th-century Japan when the country’s boundaries were closed to the outside world. Mizu, who is mixed-race, sets out to discover the four white men who were in Japan when she was born, one of whom must be her father, in order to get revenge for having experienced discrimination her entire life.

She must conceal her gender and blue eyes as she embarks on her quest to discover and murder these guys. Mizu, accompanied by an unusual cast of individuals, travels across Japan with a single bloody purpose in mind.

Apart from the storyline, many people have also been curious to know about Amber Noizumi, who is one of the creators and writers of the show. Well, we’ve got you covered.

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Blue Eye Samurai: Amber Noizumi, One of the Creators of the Show, Is of Mixed Ethnicity!

With the release of a show, very few creators and writers come into the spotlight. Amber Noizumi is one of them. Not only she is one of the writers and creators of Blue Eye Samurai, but she is also one of the executive creators of the anime.

The fact that the Netflix show is her first ever project serving as a writer, creator, and producer is already an achievement in itself but there is more that makes her even more special. Her ethnicity!!

Amber Noizumi is of mixed ethnicity (Japanese and white). blurred-reality.comAmber Noizumi is of mixed ethnicity (Japanese and white).
Image Source: Animation Magazine

Amber Noizume, who was born to a Japanese father and a white mother, had a number of upsetting incidents as a child, including people believing she was adopted when running errands with her mother. As a result, Noizumi acquired “a low-level seething anger” that lingered in the shadows of her life well into adulthood. She then began to reconsider her family history after the birth of her first child.

The Real Reason Why Amber Noizumi & Her Husband Created Blue Eye Samurai!

In case you’re unaware, Amber Noizumi‘s husband, Michael Green, is also one of the writers, creators, producers, and directors of Blue Eye Samurai. The concept of creating a show with a mixed-race protagonist came after the birth of their daughter. In an interview, Amber said,

We had our first child, our daughter, over 15 years ago. When she was four months old, it became obvious that she had very clear, striking blue eyes. And I remember texting [Michael] and sending a photo of her blue eyes. And he was like [nonchalantly] “Cool.” And it made me stop to ask myself, “Why am I so excited about this? Why do I want a child who looks more white?” And it made me look inward at some of the issues that I had growing up, that I hadn’t worked out myself, and thinking, “Why do I think that whiteness is more beautiful?”

Amber Noizumi and her husband, Michael Green. blurred-reality.comAmber Noizumi and her husband, Michael Green.
Image Source: Neil Bui

Amber Noizumi further added,

I didn’t even realize that there were some things – from growing up – where I would try to use eye tape, or look at eye makeup tricks on how to make my eyes look more white, or being envious that my brother looked more white than I did. But we started thinking about what it would have been like to have those features in Edo-era Japan, when the borders were closed and it was the most homogenous in Japan . . . We both were just interested in that time period in Japan and thought it would make a really good story that’s entertaining, but also delves into some deeper issues.