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Mizu’s Gender in Blue Eye Samurai: Is She a Man or a Woman?

Nov 9, 2023 @ 4:46 EST
Mizu’s Gender in Blue Eye Samurai: Is She a Man or a Woman?

Even though Mizu identifies herself as a man throughout Blue Eye Samurai, she is a woman by gender as no other genders except a man and a woman existed in the 17th century.

Blue Eye Samurai, created by Michael Green and Amber Noizumi, is an adult-animated streaming television series on Netflix that tells the story of retribution and redemption. The anime follows Mizu, a young lady on a quest to exact revenge on the only four white men in Japan at the time of her birth, whom she blames for kidnapping her mother and turning her into a monster.

But she is up against not just her enemies, but also a patriarchal society that stands in her way. As Mizu embarks on her perilous journey, she meets new allies and confronts some unexpected truths about her past.

Apart from the storyline, we have found that many viewers have been curious to know about Mizu's gender. They want to know if she is a man or a woman. Well, let's find it out together.

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What Is Mizu’s Gender in Blue Eye Samurai?

Mizu, the lead character of the show, identifies herself as a man throughout Blue Eye Samurai. This has confused many viewers about her gender. Well, there is nothing to be confused about. She is a woman.

Mizu was born as a result of sexual violence committed by one of four white men reported to be in Japan at the time of the anime. She is now an adult and has disguised herself as a guy in order to get her revenge – an act that women are not culturally permitted to perform. Mizu, dubbing herself a "creature of shame," sets out to kill these individuals, including her father, while keeping her blue eyes hidden.

Even though Mizu identifies as a man, she is a woman. blurred-reality.comEven though Mizu identifies as a man, she is a woman.
Image Source: Netflix

You might have a question, "What if she identifies herself as a woman?" Well, the Netflix series is set in the 17th century. At that time, only 2 genders existed: men and women. Thus, she is a woman.

Does Mizu Kill Her Father?

Mizu's only purpose in her life is to find and kill her father. blurred-reality.comMizu's only purpose in her life is to find and kill her father.
Image Source: Netflix

Throughout Blue Eye Samurai, the unknown identity of Mizu's father shadows her character and the story's narrative. Mizu, on the other hand, is uninterested in learning her father's identity.

Mizu only understands that one of the four white men in Japan at the time of her birth has to be her father. As a result, she only needs to murder all four of these individuals to complete her revenge on her father.

Mizu has a solely clashing connection with her father. She has only ever craved revenge in her life and has bent her morals to the ground to get it. Mizu has long since abandoned any feelings about her life's purpose, having given herself entirely to her need for vengeance.

As a result, Mizu is only interested in finding the 2 men when Fowler offers his information about the man who could be her father. Mizu's father could be either Violet, the first of the white males Mizu murders on her journey, or Fowler.

Similarly, the other two men, Skeffinton, who shares Mizu's towering build, and Routley, who has blue eyes, could be her father. Given these men's habits and the large number of illegitimate children, it's likely that no one remembers who fathered Mizu in the first place.

Nonetheless, after learning of Skeffinton and Routley's location from Fowler, Mizu sets off on her mission to kill them. Since the men have left Japan and gone to London, Mizu brings Fowler with her, who was imprisoned in a ship following the attack on Edo Castle, to enlist his help in navigating the new city and tracking down the other men.

Mizu's lineage is still unknown, with Mizu realizing that the woman she thought was her mother was just a maid hired to keep her safe. Furthermore, while one of the four men—Violet, Fowler, Skeffinton, and Routley—is most likely Mizu's father, there is always the possibility of an unexpected, alternative truth for potential future seasons to learn. As of Season 1, Mizu has yet to find who her father is.

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