Chris Bumstead’s Girlfriend, Courtney King: Age, Instagram & Breakup/Split Rumor!

Allan Ivanov

Chris Bumstead’s Girlfriend, Courtney King: Age, Instagram & Breakup/Split Rumor!

Chris Bumstead and his girlfriend-turned-fiancée, Courtney King (age 29), have been dating since 2018. Yes, the couple got engaged in 2022 and the rumor about their breakup/split is untrue. Furthermore, Courtney is also a former bikini bodybuilder who won Ms. Bikini Olympia in 2016. Follow to know more about Courtney with her Instagram handle (@courtneykiing).

Having one of the most beautiful and aesthetic physiques in the history of bodybuilding is no joke. The 4 times Mr. Olympia Classic Physique winner, Chris Bumstead, is often regarded as the “greatest classic bodybuilder.” Standing at the height of 6′ 11”, many people believe he has the most balanced body in history.

Chris (full name: Christopher Adam Bumstead), mostly renowned as Cbum, became runner-up in Mr. Olympia Classic Physique for 2 consecutive years: 2017 and 2018. However, he came back strong and has won the competition for 4 years in a row now: 2019, 2020, 2021, and 2022. With almost 17 million followers on Instagram and over 3 million subscribers on YouTube, Chris Bumstead is also a public figure who frequently shares his lifestyle as a pro bodybuilder.

The one thing he flaunts everywhere except his bodybuilding content is his girlfriend. The couple is very open about their relationship. However, very few people know that his girlfriend is someone who also has a history in bodybuilding. Well, let’s find out everything about her in detail.

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Chris Bumstead Has Been Dating His Girlfriend-Turned- Fiancée, Courtney King, Since 2018!

Chris Bumstead (@cbum) and his girlfriend, Courtney King (@courtneykiing), are very open about their relationship. The couple does not hesitate to post pictures of each other on their social media. She has been by her side for most of the competitions.

Chris Bumstead and his girlfriend-turned-fiancée, Courtney King.

Chris Bumstead and his girlfriend-turned-fiancée, Courtney King.
Source: Instagram

Like Chris, Courtney is also a fitness freak. Matter of fact, she was previously into bodybuilding as well. She was just 17 years old when she first stepped onto a stage. She also won Ms. Bikini Olympia in 2016. However, she does not compete anymore. As she grew, she participated in swimming, cross-country running, gymnastics, basketball, and soccer. Currently, she is also a brand ambassador for a fitness clothing brand named Alphalete.

According to reports, the couple began dating in November 2018 and have been inseparable since. They met for the first time when she filmed two athletes participating in the Olympics, Chris and Ryan Terry.

While there have been rumors about Chris Bumstead and his girlfriend’s break up/split in the past, we want to inform you that they have already been engaged for 6 months. Yes, the couple is planning their wedding. On March 27, 2023, Courtney took her Instagram and posted a picture from their engagement with the caption,

Yesterday marks 6 months being engaged to my best friend 🫶 No, we don’t have a date set, venue picked or location nailed down.. but we are doing the work, going to therapy and showing up for ourselves and one another. That makes me me grateful ♥️

The couple got engaged in 2022.

The couple got engaged in 2022.
Source: Instagram 

From vacation to Mr. Olympia’s stage, Chris Bumstead and his girlfriend-turned-fiancée have always been spotted together ever since they started dating. No doubt, the couple will soon announce their wedding date. We wish them nothing but the best in their upcoming endeavors. We can’t wait to see what their children will bring to this world with their parents’ bodybuilding genetics.

Chris Bumstead Says “I Would Beat Him” When Asked About Who Would Win Between Prime Arnold Schwarzenegger and Him in a Fantasy Bodybuilding Competition!

Chris Bumstead boasts one of the largest fan bases in the bodybuilding industry and is the proud owner of four Classic Physique Olympia championships. But, with such popularity come unavoidable parallels to rivals from earlier eras, and in this case, to the legendary Arnold Schwarzenegger.

While on stage, Bumstead stands at around 6’1″ and weighs about 240 pounds; remarkably, these measurements are quite similar to those of Arnold Schwarzenegger in the 1970s. This has sparked endless discussions among fans about who would prevail in a pose-off between the two. Bumstead gave his opinion on who the judges would choose if the two competed head-to-head in an interview that was aired on The Full Send Podcast on March 30, 2023. Chris said,

If I went back [to Arnold’s time] looking how I look, I’d be the leanest person they’ve ever seen. So I don’t even know if [the judges] would even want that. So maybe he would win because of that.

Then, CBum became a bit more certain — and, maybe, a little more debatable — about who would win if this imaginary contest were held today with modern judges and expectations. He added,

If he were to come today and compete against me last year at the Olympia, I think I would beat him because he’s not in shape enough.