Amelia Dimoldenberg’s Boyfriend in 2023: Andrew Garfield or Aitch? Full Boyfriend List!

Shibakshya Rai

Amelia Dimoldenberg’s Boyfriend in 2023: Andrew Garfield or Aitch? Full Boyfriend List!

Amelia Dimoldenberg does not appear to have a boyfriend in 2023, even though she is often linked to Andrew Garfield and Aitch. Follow to know the complete list of her partners.

Amelia Dimoldenberg is a popular English journalist, comedian, YouTuber, and television presenter, who is mostly known for running a series titled Chicken Shop Date. In the series, she interviews rappers, grime musicians, other YouTubers, and Premier League footballers in fried chicken restaurants.

She’s a Central St Martins fashion journalism graduate who’s carved out a niche for herself after transitioning from YouTube celebrity to the genius of the brand that everyone wants to collaborate with, from rap behemoths to broadcasters. Since launching Chicken Shop Date as a student side project five years ago, she’s headlined programs for Channel 4, ITV, VICE, and Copa 90, as well as writing for magazines including the Guardian, Teen Vogue, and Stylist.

With her increasing popularity, we have recently discovered that many people have been interested to know if Amelia Dimoldenberg has a boyfriend in 2023. Well, here is everything you need to know.

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Amelia Dimoldenberg Does Not Appear to Have a Boyfriend in 2023!

As of 2023, Amelia Dimoldenberg does not appear to have a boyfriend. However, there are a lot of people she is linked to. She has been showing chemistry during her interview with many A-list celebrities. However, she is mostly linked to Andrew Garfield and Aitch.

Amelia Dimoldenberg does not have a boyfriend in 2023. blurred-reality.comAmelia Dimoldenberg does not have a boyfriend in 2023.
Image Source: Instagram

Amelia interviewed Andrew for the first time in November 2022. The 2 enjoyed a lot during their 2 minutes short interview. However, the rumor about them dating fueled up after they both flirted in the January 2023 interview. The two constantly flirted and people were quick to assume they might be dating. However, it appears the two were just having fun at the time since they never gave any other hints after the interview.

Previously, Aitch was believed to be Amelia Dimoldenberg’s boyfriend after she interviewed the English rapper for one of the episodes of Chicken Shop Date. Later, both of them were spotted together multiple times. Their seeming romance was transparent since both of them posted about each other. From going on a bowling date to kissing on the cheek, Amelia and Aitch did everything to make us believe they were indeed a couple. Amelia even starred in one of his music videos titled Baby ft. Ashanti.

Amelia Dimoldenberg and Aitch went on several dates previously. blurred-reality.comAmelia Dimoldenberg and Aitch went on several dates previously.
Image Source: TikTok (@aitch)

However, neither Amelia nor Aitch ever confirmed their relationship. While some reports claim they never actually dated seriously, some believe they broke up later after dating for a few months.

Regardless of what the truth is, there’s no denying Amelia and Aitch definitely have chemistry and still remain friends. Amelia still has pictures of him on her Instagram and she has interviewed him on multiple recent occasions.

Therefore, the truth about Amelia Dimoldenberg’s possible boyfriend remains a mystery for now. However, we will surely get back to you as soon as we get any updates about her possible relationship.

Amelia Dimoldenberg’s Boyfriend List!

Apart from Andrew Garfield and Aitch, Amelia Dimoldenberg (@ameliadimz) has been linked to numerous people. However, none of the rumors has been clarified yet. As a result, it’s hard to list the names of her possible boyfriends.

Nevertheless, we do know about the one person she was definitely dating previously. She admitted in a 2019 interview that she had been seeing someone for a year and that it was enough. While the television star and her ex-partner are no longer together, it appears that they have no bitter feelings against each other.

While discussing relationships, Amelia Dimoldenberg stated that she believes social media makes it difficult for many people to get to know someone on a deeper level. Dimoldenberg went on to mention how one can stay with someone for years, but what is required for healthy communication is to communicate and not leave anything unanswered, but it is also vital to convey one’s sentiments.