Hero Fiennes Tiffin’s Girlfriend (GF)/Wife in 2023: Dating Josephine Langford or Single?

Bikram Karki

Hero Fiennes Tiffin’s Girlfriend (GF)/Wife in 2023: Dating Josephine Langford or Single? blurred-reality.com

As of 2023, Hero Fiennes Tiffin does not appear to have a girlfriend (GF) or a wife. Yes, he is single, despite being linked to Josephine Langford numerous times. 

Hero Fiennes Tiffin (full name: Hero Beauregard Faulkner Fiennes Tiffin) is an English actor, model, and film producer who is known for his role as Hardin Scott in the After film series.

Tiffin was born in London, England, on November 6, 1997. Hero hails from an acting family; his mother is film producer Martha Fiennes, and his father is director and cinematographer George Tiffin. He became well-known for his portrayal of Young Voldemort (Tom Riddle) in the film, Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince (2009). However, his breakthrough came after he starred as Hardin Scott in the film version of Anna Todd‘s novel After (2019) and its sequels.

Recently, there have been discussions going on the Internet about his love life. And many people wonder if he has a girlfriend or a wife in 2023. Well, here is everything you need to know about his dating life.

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Hero Fiennes Tiffin Does Not Appear to Have a Girlfriend in 2023!

Although Hero Fiennes Tiffin (@hero_ft) portrays the uber-romantic Hardin Scott on-screen, his dating life is quite the opposite in real life. As of 2023, he does not appear to have a girlfriend (GF). He is single. Surprising, right? Well, here is an even more surprising fact.

Previously, he admitted that he’s never had a serious girlfriend. Not only does he not have a girlfriend, but he has never been in a relationship, according to the actor’s interview with Elle in 2019. He told,

I’ve never had, like, a proper relationship. I haven’t had a girl I would call my girlfriend.

Hero Fiennes Tiffin does not have a girlfriend in 2023. blurred-reality.comHero Fiennes Tiffin does not have a girlfriend in 2023.
Image Source: Instagram

When we look at his social media, especially Instagram, we can see his Instagram feed is all about work and promoting his next projects and movies. So it appears that the actor is likewise very private about his personal life. Although he could be dating someone in private, he is less likely to make the relationship public.

We can see Hero Fiennes Tiffin playing Hardin Scott’s role so effectively that we can’t help but envision him having the same attitude in real life. The fact, however, is far from that. He also said that the only thing he and Hardin Scott had in common is that they are both “tall, skinny white guys with dark hair.”

We can notice how nice and soft-spoken he is in all of his interviews. Tiffin appears to be a nice and bashful person who couldn’t stand to do anything that Hardin Scott does.

Hero Fiennes Tiffin’s Relationship With Josephine Langford Examined!

Hero Fiennes Tiffin and Josephine Langford are 'just friend.' blurred-reality.comHero Fiennes Tiffin and Josephine Langford are ‘just friend.’
Image Source: Instagram

Previously, there was speculation that Hero Fiennes Tiffin might be dating his After franchise co-star, Josephine Langford. Well, if you’ve seen all movies, we’re very sure you won’t mind if that rumor becomes a reality! Their on-screen connection is incredible, combining sensuality and maturity.

However, it is unfortunate to learn that their connection is nothing more than friendship. They are certainly close in real life, and Hero stated that he still chats to her frequently these days – he maintains contact with several of the After cast members. Even though they did multiple projects together and shared many wonderful and personal moments, it seems it wasn’t enough for them to develop romantic affection for each other.

Yes, they do post a lot of adorable images. In one of the @aftermovie Instagram postings, for example, Josephine snapped photographs with Hero placing his head on her shoulder. Josephine also placed her left hand on his face, and Hero smiled at her. They just seemed to be made for each other. But, unfortunately, romanticism was missing.

Of course, we’re curious how they managed to remain “just friends” after months of sharing many personal moments. It suggests they are exceptionally competent actors who can keep their work and personal lives separate. So we can still enjoy their adorable images and imagine them as a couple in real life.