Meet Alexa’s Stepmom, Morgan Alfia, on Instagram: Fans of Love Is Blind Are Curious to Know What Her Age Is!

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Meet Alexa’s Stepmom, Morgan Alfia, on Instagram: Fans of Love Is Blind Are Curious to Know What Her Age Is!

According to their Instagram posts, Alexa Alfia has a very good relationship with her stepmother, Morgan Alfie. Morgan has been married to her father, Adam, for 7 years, and they have been together for 10 years. Interestingly, the Love Is Blind cast and Morgan have an age difference of just 6 years as Alexa is 27 and her stepmom is 33. Follow to know more about Morgan with her Instagram handle (@mtalfia).

Love Is Blind, a Netflix dating show puts the concept of love to the test in a variety of ways. Each season, the cast members are given the opportunity to meet several potential partners via specially designed pods. The pods allow participants to communicate verbally without seeing the other person’s appearance. When a marriage proposal is extended and accepted, the engaged couple can finally decide who they will marry and begin planning their wedding.

Season 3 of the show shows how several young men and women take advantage of the opportunity. The stunning Alexa Alfia was one of the show’s most prominent faces in this iteration. Fans were impressed by her personality and confidence throughout the season.

Aside from the love triangles and feuds, Alexa Alfia’s stepmother, Morgan Alfia, drew the majority of the audience’s attention. Season 3 Episode 6 gave us a brief glimpse of Alexa’s family. We’ve been hearing Alexa talk about her family of extroverts who live a luxurious lifestyle ever since she struck up a friendship with Brennon Lemieux.

When we finally got to meet her family, her words came true. Alexa’s skeptical Israeli family was forthright about their culture, way of life, and the type of life they expected for Alexa after marriage. However, the most talked about family member was Alexa’s stepmother, Morgan. With her charming personality and undeniable beauty, many of the viewers have been wanting to meet Morgan on her Instagram. Well, we’ve got you covered.

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Meet Alexa Alfia’s Stepmom, Morgan Alfia, on Instagram: While Alexa Is 27 Years Old, Her Stepmom Is Just 33 Years Old in 2023!

Alexa Alfia, who was born on September 28, 1995, to a Jewish-Israeli family, grew up in and around Dallas, Texas. She adores her six siblings, who include an older sister, two younger brothers, a step-sibling, and an Emma-aged younger sister. Alexa’s parents divorced when she was still a young child. As of this writing, her dad, Adam, is married to her stepmom, Morgan Alfia (@mtalfia), with whom she seems to have a good relationship as we can see on their Instagram posts.

Her stepmom is the owner of the Neon Cycle+Strength fitness center. Fans of Love is Blind Season 3 noticed a significant age difference between Morgan and her husband. Adam is 52 years old, and there is an 18-year age difference between the couple. Yes, Morgan is just 33 years old in 2023. Adam and Morgan have been married for 7 years and have known each other for 10 years.

The couple married in 2015 at The Joule Hotel in Dallas, Texas, according to the Daily Mail. To everyone’s surprise, Morgan is only six years older than her stepdaughter Alexa, who is 27.

Morgan and Adam have six children together. Morgan and Adam have a four-year-old daughter named Emma. She is also the mother of Sophia, her 12-year-old daughter. Meanwhile, the owner of the fitness center is frequently seen posting photos on Instagram. She enjoys dressing well, just like any other wealthy and ambitious woman. She is very close to her family and is frequently seen on social media posting about her husband, children, and stepchildren.

Similarly, several Love is Blind Season 3 fans have claimed that Alexa’s stepmother has a Real Housewives cast vibe. A fan tweeted, “Alexa’s stepmom looks like a model.” Another wrote, “Alexa’s family scares me. Also Alexa’s Step Mom looks like she should be on a housewives show.” Furthermore, according to another fan, “Alexa’s stepmother is… I’m not going to say it…” “Alexa’s stepmom looks younger than she is,” another fan tweeted.

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Bartise Bowden and Nancy Rodriguez reveal that they’ve remained in touch and on good terms over the past year, despite the fact that he broke up with her at the altar. Nancy told Bartise, “Your energy, your level of positivity, I like to be around you. You are a good person and good people are hard to find. It makes sense for me to have you in my life, and I don’t think anyone will understand that.”

Viewers will recall that Nancy’s family was vehemently opposed to Bartise for breaking Nancy’s heart on their wedding day — and they were not joking. Nancy stated in the new episodes that she had not informed her family that they were still in contact with her. In After the Altar, she tells her mother and brother that she has seen Bartise, and they are not pleased with her choice.

Nonetheless, while the former couple has maintained a friendly relationship, they are no longer together. Bartise, in fact, seems on Netflix’s new dating show Perfect Match.

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