Alexa Lemieux’s Mom: Reddit Users Discuss Who Her Biological Mother Is!

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Alexa Lemieux’s Mom: Reddit Users Discuss Who Her Biological Mother Is!

Many people, especially Reddit users, have been wanting to know the whereabouts of Alexa Lemieux’s biological mom after they were introduced to her 33-year-old stepmom, Morgan Alfia. Well, the Love is Blind cast has never revealed anything about her biological mother. However, we do know that her parents got divorced when she was very young.

Hosted by Vanessa and Nick Lachey, Love Is Blind on Netflix is a dating reality show that tests the fundamental notion of love. The opportunity to get to know one another better is provided by the fact that it accepts a varied group of men and women (from a certain city each season). The only problem is that they have to communicate and form emotional ties without being able to see each other because the entire dating process takes place in specially designed-pods. The engaged parties do not really get to see the one they have fallen for until after a marriage proposal has been made and accepted.

While the latest season (Season 3) of the show premiered in October 2022, it has already been renewed for two more seasons (Seasons 4 and 5). We’ve met a lot of interesting cast through the three seasons. Besides themselves, we also get to meet their family members after the couple decides to get married.

Alexa Lemieux, who is currently married to Brennon Lemieux, shocked every one of us when she introduced her 33-year-old stepmom to us. Honestly, we couldn’t figure out if she was her stepmom or her sister. Eventually, many viewers are interested to know the whereabouts of her biological mom. Well, here is everything you need to know.

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Alexa Lemieux’s Mom: While the Love Is Blind Cast’s Dad Is Currently Married to Her Stepmom, Morgan Alfia, Alexa Has Never Revealed Anything About Her Biological Mother!

While Alexa Lemieux (@mrsalexalemieux) has never mentioned anything about her biological mom on Love Is Blind, we do know that her father, Adam Alfia, and her mom split up when she was very young. According to Distractify, Alexa also has 4 siblings from her biological mom.

Similarly, many Reddit users also gathered to discuss her real mother and everyone had their own theories about her hidden identity. One wrote, “She said her dad had primary custody of her and her siblings also She made a post about her grandma being the closest thing to a mom she’s ever had. So I guess she’s out of the picture for one reason or another.”

Similarly, another wrote, “Does her mom have anything on her record like that? I’m wondering if it was a mutually toxic relationship or something. Her dad got custody of all the children, and her mom was absent, so that’s why I’m wondering what the situation was. Hopefully it wasn’t a situation where he bullied her mom into giving up their children.”

While they do have some valid points, we can’t confirm anything until Alexa or her other family members reveal anything about her biological mom. We’ll get back to you as soon as we get any information from our sources.

On the other hand, Alexa’s father married her stepmom, Morgan Alfia, in 2015. The couple even has a daughter together. However, their age is something everyone is shocked by. While Adam is 52 years old, Morgan is just 33 in 2023. Yes, they have a huge gap difference of 18 years. In fact, Morgan is just 6 years younger than Alexa.

Morgan used to work for Allstate as an insurance agent, but now she and her husband co-own a gym and training facility called NeonCycle+Strength. Despite spending most of their lives in North Texas, the two only recently met 10 years ago. She suffered from body image problems while carrying her baby, which is what inspired her to partner with Adam to open the fitness club. Additionally, she also earns a good amount of money advertising on her social media platforms.

Alexa Lemieux Opens up About the Criticism She Received Because of Her Body Size!

Alexa Lemieux has been candid about comments made about her weight and how she loves her curves. After getting married to Brennon Lemieux in Season 3, Alexa was a part of one of the most popular couples (and took his last name). The two gained popularity with viewers throughout the third season, with Alexa earning praise for her body-positive outlook despite not having the typical television figures.

However, Alexa said she is not even “plus-sized” during a recent interview on the Betches’ Diet Starts Tomorrow podcast. She told, “I love so much that I can represent a very normal-sized figure… People act like I’m this massive human being. I am a size eight to 10, like, I am below average in America.”

Alexa was offended by those who complimented Brennon for loving her “despite” her body. She added, “The thing that I dislike the most is that people say, ‘Brennon loves me, in spite of my body.’ That sucks. Like what? No, he loves me and my body.”

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