Brennon Lemieux’s Alleged Assault Charge: The Love Is Blind Cast Was Previously Charged With Domestic Violence; Reddit Update!

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Brennon Lemieux’s Alleged Assault Charge: The Love Is Blind Cast Was Previously Charged With Domestic Violence; Reddit Update!

Brennon Lemieux from Netflix’s Love Is Blind was previously accused of assaulting his ex-girlfriend in 2021. According to a report by a Reddit user, he pushed her against the wall, causing her to strike her head so forcefully that she briefly lost consciousness. However, Brennon claims that it was a fake accusation and the grand jury threw away his domestic violence case as a ‘no bill/no validation to the claim’.

Everyone is known to be taken aback by the notion of love since it is both attractive and confusing. Each person has varied standards for the ideal mate, with some preferring to concentrate solely on a possible partner’s personality. The public is introduced to numerous people in Netflix‘s Love is Blind, who aims to marry someone they may end up falling for sight unseen.

The program tests the idea of inner beauty by allowing contestants to go on dates without seeing each other in its unique pods. The initiative is intended to strengthen cast members’ emotional bonds without drawing attention to physical characteristics, according to the showrunners. As a result, the participants are only permitted to visit their partners when they become engaged to be married.

While three seasons of the show are available on Netflix to stream, two more seasons have already been renewed. It has been more than 4 months since the latest season (Season 3) premiered, however, the cast members are still making headlines. Similarly, we’ve discovered that Brennon Lemieux was previously charged with domestic violence, and many people have been curious to learn about it in detail. Well, here is everything we know about Brennon’s assault charge.

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Brennon Lemieux From Love Is Blind Was Previously Accused of Assaulting His Ex-girlfriend: However, the Love Is Blind Cast Claims That It Was a False Accusation!

Yes, it’s true that Breenon Lemieux (@brennonlemieux) was previously accused of assaulting his ex-girlfriend. However, everything happened before the shooting of Love Is Blind Season 3. Brennon was not even introduced to Alexa when the domestic violence incident occurred.

A police officer was dispatched to a redacted location on January 28, 2021, at around 12:46 a.m., when they met with Breenon and a lady named Sarah, according to a Dallas Police record (posted to Reddit by user punkcowgirl). Earlier that evening, the two were hanging out and enjoying some beers after dating for three months. Evidently, everything was going smoothly until the couple started to argue.

Brennon became increasingly furious and asked Sarah to leave, but she was hesitant since she had “had a few drinks.” The situation apparently reached a breaking point when Brennon grabbed Sarah by the arms and pushed her against the wall, causing her to strike her head so forcefully that she briefly lost consciousness. When Sarah awoke, Brennon was allegedly “striking her with both hands” as well as “pushing her and scratching her.”

Then, according to Sarah, she slept on Brennon’s couch until she was able to drive home and tell her mother what had occurred. The two rushed to the hospital, where physicians found some bruises and scrapes on Sarah and determined she had suffered a concussion. Brennon was ordered not to contact Sarah by the police after the hospital took pictures of Sarah’s injuries.

On April 28 of 2022, a grand jury decided not to charge Lemieux on one count of aggravated assault resulting in grave bodily harm, according to county court documents. As a second-degree felony, the offense carries a required minimum jail term of at least two years. The claims against Lemieux were emphasized by a Netflix representative, who declined to make an official remark.

According to The Daily Beast, county court records show Lemieux posted a $5,000 bail on May 4, 2021, only a few weeks before Love Is Blind Season 3 began filming that summer. Brennon was either imprisoned for three months or was arrested for another cause if he didn’t post bond until May 4. People typically post bail the same evening they are arrested.

On the other hand, Brennon refused his involvement in the assault charges in his now-deleted story. He wrote,

There have been a few rumors about an incident falsely filed against me from a few years ago. The grand jury threw it away as a ‘no bill/no validation to the claim’ due to their [sic] being evidence that contradicted the accusation. The report was thrown out. My thoughts and prayers go out to actual victims.

The report was featured in TikTok as well. In response to the video, several individuals have stated that the season is becoming “bad and worse every week.” One commented, “Do these people not do background checks before they let anyone on the show?” Similarly, another commented, “I miss the first season when it seemed like they were really looking for love.”

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