What’s Wrong With AD’s Hair in Love Is Blind?

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What’s Wrong With AD’s Hair in Love Is Blind? blurred-reality.com

blurred-reality.com – Many viewers have observed AD’s hair in Love Is Blind wasn’t on point. They claim that she had the worst hairstyle among female contestants. Well, let’s examine what actually was wrong with it.

Amber Desiree “AD” Smith falls for Clay Gravesande in season 6 of Love Is Blind pods, despite knowing he’s a work in progress. While she first struggles to choose between Clay and Matthew Duliba, a falling out with Matthew and her clear chemistry with the smooth-talker Clay leads her to accept Clay’s proposal.

At the end of the first six episodes, Clay and AD were one of the few couples on solid ground, with the exception of one particularly strange moment in which Clay assured her he would never let her get out of shape and would insist she go to the gym with him even if she was pregnant. However, that was merely the beginning. More cracks appear in their relationship in the next three episodes as the couple has many confrontations that reveal their deep-seated troubles.

Apart from their journey, we have also found that many viewers have had problems with AD’s hair. Well, let’s discuss it in detail.

Viewers Do Not Like AD’s Hairstyle in Love Is Blind

The moment AD was shown on Love Is Blind, viewers took less than seconds to notice her strange hair. Her hairline seemed strange and her forehead was way too big.

Even though her figure looked good and her outfits were on point, many viewers couldn’t hold back from addressing her hair and eyelashes. In a heavy Reddit discussion, many users criticized her hair as well as her hairstylist. One person wrote,

As much as I like her style, I can’t help but focus on her hair whenever she comes on screen. Having a leave out was a bad idea.

Another wrote,

Her clothes look so good on her. I love her skin. I think she’s very beautiful. Just wish she would tone down the lashes and do her hair differently but otherwise I can’t stop looking at her

Meanwhile, one user expressed her concern regarding all the hair comments on her Instagram posts:

Her Instagram is full of comments insulting her hair and lashes rn which makes me sad tbh…she even responded to one of them and said the lashes are gone now so I think she realizes that they weren’t the move but I wish ppl would just let her live tbh

To be honest, we do agree that her hair in the Netflix show wasn’t any close to her body and outfits. Had she had a proper style with her hair, she would easily be one of the most attractive contestants of Season 6.

AD Has Finally Gotten a New Hair

Following the release of season 6, it seems AD has finally figured out the problem with her hair. As per her Instagram, she recently got new hair from hairstylist Chanel West. 

She posted a video of getting new hair with a caption that clearly indicated that she had realized how bad her hair was in the show.

🚨 🚨 @thewesteffect__ TO THE RESCUE!🚨🚨 Can’t thank this beauty enough for coming through for me in the CLUTCH last week! You understood the assignment sis and I’m soooo grateful for you!! See you in a few days 💇🏾‍♀️ #LoveIsBlind#LoveIsBlindSeason6

AD might have fixed her hair following the criticism in Love Is Blind. blurred-reality.comAD might have fixed her hair following the criticism in Love Is Blind. 
Image Source: Instagram

Even though she looks a lot better than in the show, it seems a lot of people are still dissatisfied with her new hairstyle. A lot of people commented that she needed to add more bundles and do a side part as well. What do you think? Is she missing a lot because of her hair?

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