Yujiro Hanma’s Dad, Yuichiro: Was His Father Stronger Than Him? Is He Dead? Cause of Death!

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Yujiro Hanma’s Dad, Yuichiro: Was His Father Stronger Than Him? Is He Dead? Cause of Death! blurred-reality.com

Yujiro Hanma’s dad (father), Yuichiro, was probably stronger than Yujiro. While he is dead now, the manga never revealed the exact cause of his death.

Yujiro Hanma is the father of the protagonist, Baki Hanma, and one of the most powerful characters in Netflix‘s BAKI. He was nicknamed the “strongest on Earth” because of his gigantic power, which exceeded that of an entire nation’s modern military.

Yujiro is a cold-blooded killer with demonic looks and a demon back that is as nasty as his desire to slay his opponents. “The Ogre,” as he is often known, is always looking for new challenges as he travels the world fighting humans, animals, and creatures. He is the main antagonist of the Baki franchise and is dreaded by nearly all of its warriors.

On the other hand, we’ve recently discovered that many people have been wanting to know about the dad of Yujiro Hanma and how he was. Well, we’ve got you covered.

Details on Yujiro Hanma’s Dad, Yuichiro Hanma!

The name of Yujiro Hanma‘s dad was Yuichiro Hanma. Apart from Yujiro, he is the only other person to beat the United States on a tiny island in the Okinawa area during WWII. He is also famous for beating 2,000 US soldiers using a single method.

Yujiro Hanma's dad, Yuichiro, once beat 2000 United Stated soldiers on his own. blurred-reality.comYujiro Hanma’s dad, Yuichiro, once beat 2000 United Stated soldiers on his own.
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Although nothing is known about Yuichiro’s attitude, Mitsunari Tokugawa notes that he was the exact opposite of Yujiro. This suggests that he was probably more kind than him, as seen by his support for Baki when his struggle against his dad, was much to Yujiro’s anger. Yuichiro also appeared to be a carefree and serene individual. This might be one of the reasons Yujiro is so harsh on Baki.

Evidence that he could have been merciless can be found during the Battle of Okinawa, when Yuichiro battled and brutally defeated American soldiers in a truly horrible manner (twisting necks and breaking bones, for example). However, that is understandable given that they were invading his house.

Yuichiro was not scared to lose prize fights for money, as stated in the opening chapter of Baki Gaiden: Kenjin. Doppo Orochi confronted Yuichiro about it, claiming that he let his opponent stomp on Japanese martial arts. Anyway, because he attempted to earn the money legitimately, he was more charitable than Yujiro. Yuichiro was also relieved that Doppo Orochi recognized his strength. This might suggest that, despite his humility, he was proud of his enormous strength.

Was Yujiro Hanma’s Dad, Yuichiro, Stronger Than Him?

Yujiro Hanma (also known as The Ogre), Baki Hanma‘s father, is now the most powerful figure in the Baki Hanma world and a well-paid freelance mercenary. However, who would win in a fight between Yuichiro Hanma and Yujiro Hanma?

The answer is more difficult than it appears! Both characters defeated the US army on their own, and both use the same “Dress” tactic. However, we feel Yuichiro was more powerful than his son.

Yuichiro Hanma was not only stronger than his Yujiro but also than anybody else on the planet. For proof, consider the fact that he survived being nuked on an island and then went on to vanquish the whole US Army. In addition, the Hanma family has a tradition of no one being stronger than the father.

Yujiro Hanma Father’s Death: Is Yuichiro Dead?

The manga does not directly disclose the death of Yujiro Hanma‘s father, Yuichiro Hanma. But it hasn’t stopped the fanbase from speculating. Some claim he died naturally. Others claim he committed suicide (TRIGGER WARNING: SELF HARM). There are also many who feel Yujiro killed him.

Yuichiro Hanma, most probably, died of aging. blurred-reality.comYuichiro Hanma, most probably, died of aging.
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We don’t believe the last one is correct. Perhaps not physically. Yujiro raises our blood pressure despite the fact that we don’t share the same bloodline. What else might harm Yuichiro if weapons like cannons, rockets, and illnesses can’t? The only explanation is that he died of old age.