Is Pickle Stronger Than Yujiro Hanma? Reddit Update!

Bikram Karki

Is Pickle Stronger Than Yujiro Hanma? Reddit Update!

From what we’ve observed so far, it appears Pickle is definitely stronger than Yujiro Hanma. However, some Reddit users believe Yujiro has more intelligence and would defeat him in a battle.

Yujiro Hanma is the Baki franchise’s main antagonist, and the major problem has always been who will overcome him and when. Nobody has come close up to this moment. Yujiro has taken in a few blows over the years, but when he thinks a battle is done, it’s over. That might be through a physical clash with Kaio Ryu or just murdering his opponent like he did with Doppo Orochi.

Fans have excitedly engaged themselves in the events of Baki Hanma season 2 since its premiere on Netflix. The plot follows the main protagonist as he faces a primordial threat known as Pickle. While the name of his character may make some viewers cringe, the prehistoric warrior is no laughing matter when placed against Baki.

As soon as Pickle was introduced, viewers compared his power to Yujiro Hanma, the show’s current top character. There is, however, a definite answer as to which of the two is stronger, however, it requires examining several views. Well, let’s get started.

Find Out if Pickle Is Stronger Than Yujiro Hanma!

Baki‘s training in the second half of Baki Hanma season 2 is seen by viewers as he tries to picture Pickle‘s aura and engages in sparring sessions with it. However, he acknowledges that he is unable to completely appreciate Pickle’s great strength and begs for the help of Kaiou Retsu in expressing it. Unfortunately, Retsu claims that he, too, was unable to completely unleash Pickle’s power, keeping it concealed in mystery.

Baki bursts out laughing because this brings him such delight. He looks forward to confronting an opponent who is genuinely incomprehensible since it will allow him to discover his actual powers firsthand. He goes after talking with Retsu to make the required preparations for the confrontation between the two of them tomorrow morning. Retsu recounts seeing Yujiro Hanma in the Baki series during their talk.

The two’s conversation, however, takes a somewhat different turn in the Baki Hanma season 2 source material. Before Baki bursts out laughing, he tries yet again to imitate Pickle’s aura but is still unable. As a result, he declares that Pickle is definitely stronger than Yujiro. The fact that Baki can see Yujiro’s full strength but not Pickle’s is the motivating cause for this argument.

It appears Pickle is physically stronger than Yujiro Hanma. blurred-reality.comIt appears Pickle is physically stronger than Yujiro Hanma.
Image Source: SK Anime

While it is uncertain why the anime series removed the statement from this particular moment, the source material for the anime clearly shows Baki’s position on the subject. Similarly, because Baki is the series’ protagonist and a seasoned combatant, fans must accept his word for it. However, there is one limitation to this assertion in terms of power scalability.

Although Pickle is physically stronger than Yujiro in the Baki Hanma season 2 source material, this does not necessarily imply that he is a superior combatant. Pickle lacks the training and experience to fight other guys, which Yujiro has been immersed in his entire life. While Pickle’s ferocity might be advantageous at times, it can also be his biggest downfall in a protracted fight.

Reddit Discusses Who Is Stronger Between Pickle and Yujiro!

Meanwhile, some Reddit users gave opinions of their own regarding who might be stronger between Yujiro Hanma and Pickle. One person wrote,

Yujiro wasnt putting everything in, but neither was pickle. We know this cus pickles bite scar didnt show up and yujiro’s demon back didnt flex out of his shirt. As for how they compare? Hard to say. Baki had trouble with both. Musashi beat pickle. But that had a lot more to do with superior intelligence.

Reddit users believe Pickle lacks the intelligence Yujiro Hanma has. blurred-reality.comReddit users believe Pickle lacks the intelligence Yujiro Hanma has.
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Similarly, another wrote,

got back here to make this straight. So in the manga, Yujiro has to use Aikido against Pickle to win the strength comparison between him and Pickle (a translation error that makes Yujiro says Pickle used his tricks against the Ogre).So…. in general, Pickle gets the win in the strength, making him the strongest character in terms of strength but loses in terms intelligence. (Pickle is a fast learner so he’s still smarter than Titan Rex)