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Netflix's Wild Babies: Do Any of Them Die? Reddit Wonders!

May 9, 2022 @ 4:35 EDT
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Netflix's Wild Babies: Do Any of Them Die? Reddit Wonders!

Reddit wonders if any of the wild babies die in the new Netflix documentary. Upon watching Wild Babies on Netflix, a nature/wildlife documentary, and hearing Helena Bonham Carter narrate the animal's journey from being babies to adults fighting for their survival, people want to know do any of those wild babies die. Fortunately, for those baby animals, viewers won't have to hear the narrator tell that any of them dies.

Netflix recently dropped a new documentary series about nature and wildlife called Wild Babies in collaboration with a UK Indie production company Humble Bee Films.

Directed by Sally Cryer and Gemma Brandt, Wild Babies, in eight episodes with a runtime of around 30 minutes, shows the wildlife in its natural habitat as they navigate their life after birth and try to survive all the threats nature poses at them and the dangers that befall on them.

The documentary, narrated by Helena Bonham Carter, follows the adventures of 17 animal families (babies) including lions, seals, otters, elephants, wild dogs, penguins, and many more.

Wild Babies is an informative series that we can learn a lot from and an interesting and adorable one as well because we get to see those cute baby animals frolic about on the screen. We can watch as the baby animals grow, adapt to their surrounding, learn to fight for their survival, and transform into their incredible adult selves besting nature's threat to their existence.

Through the series, the viewers get to visit 16 countries from Antarctica to Namibia through the lens of outstanding cinematography and footage and watch those 17 animal families and babies with dramatic, orchestral music in the background as the narrator; BAFTA-winning and Oscar-nominated actress Helena Bonham Carter narrates in her soft voice that provides a kind of tranquility and transports us to the place of those wild babies.

Well, at least until babies land in trouble and their lives are endangered. Whether it is from the predators or nature herself, those moments become hard to watch. Since this series follows the wild babies as they grow into adults, there are many such moments when their survival is threatened by the cruel, harsh nature of the way the world works.

And then we are on the edge of our seat or couch or bed, biting our nails in anxiety desperate to know what comes next but fearing the outcome because we couldn't bear it that nature can be so cruel to those small defenseless wild babies. We are thinking don't let any of those wild babies die. While watching, we are questioning do any die among them. So, the question arises about Wild Babies: Do any die?

As the two-time Oscar nominee narrator Helena Bonham Carter says, “Every living creature starts life as a baby, there will be joy and friendship, but life also brings challenges. For a baby born wild, the journey towards adulthood will be hard, but most don’t have to struggle alone. To survive takes courage, determination, and above all: love.”

Wild Babies on Netflix: Do Any of Them Die? Fans Seek Info on Reddit!

Although it might be very exciting and fresh to see the animal kingdom from a different perspective (theirs) and with a different view, you will also have to witness the dark side of nature if you want to watch Wild Babies. Their dependency on their parents whose love is what shields them from worldly dangers and their vulnerability when they are parted from them is scary and can be depressing to watch.

So, one might say no to the documentary in fear of what might be in store (or not) for those wild babies. But if you know if any of those wild babies die, would you give it a try? Probably the one of a kind of spoiler on Reddit that you won't mind and that will not spoil but improve your watch. So, Wild Babies, Do any die?

Don’t worry then because none of those little cute ones die. There is fortunately for the animals anything sinister to see, but surviving can be tough.

But those babies do fine on their own and manage to survive under dangerous conditions. Like how Tabo, the baby fur seal from Namibia just cleverly and intuitively outsmarts a jackal and a hyena after he is left to fend for himself when his mom leaves to find food. Kaya, the only female in a four litter cub saves herself from a leopard by hiding.

A baby elephant Jasiri has to save himself from drowning before he’s barely learned to walk while facing the dangers of river-crossing.

And one of the favorites among those wild babies, the baby pangolin Matengu has to learn to roll into a ball and expose his armor of scales to predators to threaten them away like all pangolins do after a hyena sees him.

Mina the orangutan from Indonesia struggles to learn survival tactics on her own because of her overbearing overprotective mother.

Watching the family dynamics of Chico, the baby capuchin monkey as he learns to fit in with his tough-loving family is an interesting lesson in adjustment.

Quito, the little baby mongoose is left to quickly figure out how things work around him after a family of 35 is unbothered about teaching him the ropes.

Kesari, a baby sea otter from Alaska, has a hard time leaving the comfort of her mom's belly even when she comes of age.

Duma and Venus, Botswana's wild dog sisters, get lost and learn to find their way back.

Sri Lanka's Amma, an orphaned nine-month-old macaque is constantly searching for food because she has nobody to feed her.

Pico the penguin, to shield himself from the cold of arctic regions, stays glued to his father's feet.

Minnie, Zambia's teenage lioness, fends off her pride from two nomadic males who are a danger to their cubs.

Spruce, a yearling Canadian grizzly bear finds that hibernation is more work than he bargained for.

Silver the Arctic fox has to learn to hunt and feed herself before the arrival of Icelandic winter.

Off the coast of South Carolina’s Kiawah Island, baby dolphin Kai learns to fish dive into the beach. But he must also learn to hunt fish in the open ocean, and on the land without getting stuck on the sand.

All these survival efforts and instincts and none of them die. Wild Babies, not anyone dies.

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