What Is the Divine Consciousness in Manifest? Actual Meaning Revealed!

Bikram Karki

What Is the Divine Consciousness in Manifest? Actual Meaning Revealed!

As revealed in Season 4 of Manifest, divine consciousness is a super higher power that causes Callings as well as holds the power to duplicate things and keep one of them with itself. The power was first featured in Season when Cal saw “the glow”. Follow to know the actual meaning of it in detail. 

Manifest, a Netflix original series, follows the passengers of Flight 828 as they strive to unravel the mystery of their five-and-a-half-year disappearance. Over the course of the seasons, they learn a number of unexpected things about their relationship and the power that the Callings put upon them. Now that Season 4 has arrived, the show begins to provide some explanations in the opening half of its final season, but the disclosures only serve to confirm that things will become much worse before they get better.

The latest season has finally provided an explanation of the nature and origin of the Callings. The show addressed a number of its key questions within the first half of the final season, as opposed to saving the solutions to its main enigma till the very end of the series. The passengers now have a great foundation from which to surpass the Death Date on June 2, 2024.

The passengers have been forced to move on for three seasons while only having a vague idea of what the Callings actually mean. The new season reveals that the Callings were sent by divine consciousness. Similarly, many viewers didn’t really get its meaning. Well, here is everything we know about divine consciousness.

Divine Consciousness Meaning in Manifest: It Is a Higher Power and the Cause of the Callings That Holds the Power to Duplicate Things and Keep Them Within!

While divine consciousness is revealed in Season 4, it was first featured in Season 1. In season 3, Saanvi and the Eureka team theorized that supernatural intervention might be the driving force behind what’s truly happening in Manifest. The discovery of sapphire, known as “the signature” of God, on every item related to Flight 828’s disappearance gave rise to the theory that an outside force was responsible for the plane’s disappearance.

According to what they’ve learned, “the glow” that Cal saw in season 1 was actually a divine consciousness and the cause of the Callings. The travelers, in Olive’s words, have a “direct link” to the alleged higher power. That clarifies every reference to the Bible in the show, even the driftwood from Noah‘s Ark.

The whereabouts of Flight 828 after it vanished were clarified by Cal recalling where he went in the season 3 finale. He was apparently back aboard the aircraft, with Captain Daly and Fiona, who had vanished in a season one episode. It appears that between 2013 and 2018, the passengers of Flight 828 were in this area.

The plane was actually within the divine consciousness, as Cal explained to Olive. The duplicate of the plane still lives within this higher force, even if the plane has returned, and that is where Daly and Fiona are right now. They must have been there ever since Daly piloted the two into a pitch-black lightning storm in 2018. Daly briefly left in the season 3 finale after Cal escaped the divine consciousness for an unspecified cause, which would explain why he was seen at Eureka at the time of Cal’s startling return.

Saanvi came to an equally important realization about Manifest’s Callings before Cal and Olive made their major epiphany about the divine consciousness. All of the Callings the passengers had received over the first three seasons of the show were captured on the black box of the aircraft. Saanvi was informed that these messages were actually memories of the Callings that took place on the aircraft years before they truly happened.

In other words, the passengers received all of their Callings well in advance of the plane’s actual arrival. They have been progressively remembering each Calling since they returned in 2018, but only when it is suitable. This was furthered by Cal and Olive’s major discovery, which demonstrated that the passengers received the Callings when they were in the divine consciousness.

Callings in Manifest can be obtained by at least one individual who hasn’t vanished. Eden wasn’t even conceived until after the arrival of Flight 828, yet she manages to experience the Callings, demonstrating that being a part of the divine consciousness isn’t the only way to receive them. Eden is the second source of information from Manifest’s divine mind, albeit it is unclear how she shares the same connection to God that the passengers do.

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