Is Cal the Same Actor in Manifest Season 4 and Previous Seasons? Or Are They Different?

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Is Cal the Same Actor in Manifest Season 4 and Previous Seasons? Or Are They Different?

No, Cal is not the same actor from the previous seasons of Manifest and Season 4. While young Cal was played by Jack Mesina, the elder version is played by Ty Doran. Despite being different actors, viewers claim that they look as if the character is played by the same actor. Additionally, we’re unsure of why the young actor got replaced.

Manifest is back on Netflix! Yes, season 4 part 1 premiered on the streaming platform on November 4, 2022. It’s only right that the mystery drama has brought everyone together as the trip for the passengers of Flight 828 slowly draws to a close on the show. It is plainly crucial for virtually all of the passengers on Flight 828 to be present for the resolution of the plot given that the Death Date is approaching.

The thrilling first half of the season comes to a finish with a shocking cliffhanger, an emotional death, and doubts about the future of humanity. Since many cast members frequently move on to new endeavors, it’s not uncommon for a series to be restored after being canceled without bringing back the complete cast.

The show’s character Cal Stone has drawn criticism from some viewers for appearing a little different. Rewind that towards the conclusion of Season 3, he did age five years, which would have affected his personality and appearance. But is the actor playing this elder Cal the same one we’ve been watching since the start of the show? Let’s find it out.

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No, Cal Isn’t the Same Actor in Manifest Season 4 and Previous Seasons: Young Cal, Played by Jack Messina, Is Now Replaced by Ty Doran!

No, the Cal Stone in Season 4 and the previous seasons aren’t the same. Cal, one of Flight 828’s most significant passengers, was portrayed by Jack Messina for three seasons of Manifest. But viewers saw a significant twist in the last minutes of the Season 3 finale.

Recall that in Eureka during Season 3, Cal (Messina) vanished after touching the plane’s tailfin. He went home, but he was now five years old! His father Ben and fellow 828 passenger Saanvi returned the unusual piece of material to the water where it was found. Viewers saw him make contact with his mother Grace, whom Angelina had just stabbed before the Season 3 finale came to an end. Ty Doran, however, was the actor who portrayed the elder Cal who was looking down at Grace, not Messina.

As previously mentioned, 25-year-old actor Ty Doran portrays older Cal. His acting career began in 2015 when he starred in the short film Brushstrokes. In 2016, he played Peter Tanner in Season 2 of American Crime. Since 2018, Doran has had appearances in a number of well-known shows, including All Night, Queen Sugar, Chicago Fire, The Blacklist, and others, according to his IMDb website. Later, he was cast as Cal Stone in the season finale of Manifest.

We’re unaware of why the young actor got replaced. We suppose there’s still a chance Messina might return as Cal before the series is out since Manifest is known for shocking turns, time travel, and bringing characters back from the dead (we see you, Grace). However, Messina hasn’t appeared in any new scenes in the first ten episodes of Manifest Season 4, Part 1, other than flashback appearances. Past tweets from Messina and Manifest creator Jeff Rake seem to reinforce the assumption that Ty Doran might play Cal for the rest of the series.

After the third season of Manifest concluded, Rake wrote a heartfelt homage to Messina tweeting,

A huge thank you to my great friend and colleague @theJackMessina. You started your journey with us as a boy and ended a young man. And I’m not talking about what happened last night. I’m so grateful for your professionalism, your excellence, and your friendship. #Manifest

The tweet had a sense of finality and Messina tweeted back, saying:

I will always be grateful to @jeff_rake for letting me be part of this amazing show. #manifest brought together a group of people, both cast and crew, who became a family. I learned so much and will always be “connected” to them. Thank you to the amazing fans too. You rock. 

Messina indicated he wouldn’t be playing “young Cal” for the show’s final episodes when he tweeted good luck to Rake and his former cast members prior to the start of Season 4 filming. If Messina’s time on the show actually ended in Season 3, we won’t know for sure until Part 2 of Manifest Season 4 is released. But in the meantime, we’re having fun watching Doran play Cal.

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