What Is Behind the Door in Lockwood and Co? Reddit Users Wonder What the Books Suggest!

Shibakshya Rai

What Is Behind the Door in Lockwood and Co? Reddit Users Wonder What the Books Suggest!

We don’t yet know what is hidden behind the door in Netflix’s Lockwood and Co. The season wraps up before we could see anything as soon as they open the door. As Reddit users wanted to know, the books, however, suggest that the room belonged to his sister who died when she was 6 years old. We’ll have to wait till season 2 to confirm what exactly is there behind the door.

The Netflix original series, Lockwood and Co., tells the story of three teenage ghost hunters who become involved in a string of incidents that cause them to learn unexpected truths about both their present and their history. As a ghost hunter, Lucy joins Anthony Lockwood and George, another member of Lockwood and Co. Although somewhat chaotic, Lucy, Lockwood, and George together are incredibly skilled and create a strong combination.

As they advance in their careers and rescue more lives while taking on some very scary ghosts and risking their lives, they learn that there are still more dangers waiting for them. However, there is a persistent mystery in Lockwood & Co that revolves around Lockwood’s mysterious door and what is behind it.

Nobody else is permitted to enter Anthony’s room in the house. Lockwood ultimately opens up to his team and agrees to reveal to them what’s beyond the door towards the conclusion of the television series. You’ve come to the right place if you wish to learn what’s behind the door.

Lockwood and Co Ending: The Show Wraps up Before We Could See What’s Behind the Door as Soon as They Open It!

One of the mysteries in Lockwood and Co. is a door that no one is permitted to open. We first see it in the premiere episode, when Lucy is given a tour of the premises. Nobody enters the place. The door remains locked. While we learn a few details about Anthony‘s past during the season, the room’s exact contents are never discussed. Both Lucy and George eventually acknowledge that it is undoubtedly something significant to Anthony but otherwise leave it alone.

Anthony makes the decision that they can no longer keep secrets from one another if they want to be a successful agency following the events of the season finale involving Joplin and the bone glass. He opens the door after leading Lucy and George upstairs. Unfortunately, the season comes to a close before we find out what’s behind the door.

While the show, like Lockwood, keeps the details under wraps, readers of the books can guess what the secret room’s significance is. As many Reddit users wanted to know, the room belonged to Lockwood’s sister, Jessica, who was murdered by a ghost in the past and for which he bears responsibility in the novels. For Lockwood’s character, this is a crucial piece of the puzzle since it explains a lot of things about him. It will be interesting to observe if the program stays on the same path.

The program has changed several aspects of the story, yet it still mostly follows the books on which it is based. There’s a chance that the true mystery in that chamber will turn out to be something completely else.

We can only guess what is behind the door since we don’t have confirmation. But we are aware that Anthony values it greatly. The death of his parents and sister is the key event in his past. The ghosts of his parents were, it seems, the first he ever battled, but the loss of his sister may be much more significant because it is obvious that he still bears some blame for it.

Anthony’s sister died while organizing their parents’ belongings, a duty that Anthony refused to help with (presumably to avoid having to deal with the loss and grief). But when she was doing this, she unintentionally cracked an Indonesian ghost pot, allowing a spirit to escape and murder her. Anthony was unable to save her in time. It seems to reason that Anthony’s sister was likely murdered in the space beyond that door.

In our opinion, Anthony is keeping the room as a sort of memorial, but we also have a strong hunch that his sister’s spirit may be there, either knowingly or unknowingly. Though it’s likely that the issue of the contents of the room will be addressed, we wouldn’t be shocked if Anthony’s sister ended up being a real-life regular character if Netflix decides to continue the series.

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