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Does Anthony Lockwood Die in Lockwood and Co? Does The Golden Blade Kill Him?

Feb 2, 2023 @ 2:06 EST
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Does Anthony Lockwood Die in Lockwood and Co? Does The Golden Blade Kill Him?

No, Anthony Lockwood does not die at the end of Lockwood and Co. He gets shot by The Golden Blade but just makes it in time and even saves Lucy and George.

Lucy Carlyle joins Lockwood and Co., a teen-run ghost-hunting company in a severely haunted London, in the first season of Lockwood & Co. on Netflix to get away from a difficult family life. Her partners at the agency, Anthony Lockwood and George Cubbins discover her to be an extraordinary "listener" with the ability to hear ghosts. The team searches for riddles that not even their competing agency can solve in addition to ghosts.

The series is adapted by writer/director/cult genre fave Joe Cornish from the best-selling young adult novels by British novelist, Jonathan Stroud. The show is set in a version of London where lethal ghosts have taken over the city for more than 50 years. While technological advancement has mostly stagnated in the intervening decades, the paranormal study has increased in the following decades.

At the end of Season 1, we witness Lockwood gets into a conflict and gets shot by The Golden Blade. As a result, many viewers want to know if he dies. Well, here is everything we know about it.

Lockwood and Co: No, Anthony Lockwood Does Not Die After Being Shot by the Golden Blade!

No, Anthony Lockwood does not die at the end of Lockwood and Co. He eventually recovers in time after he gets shot by The Golden Blade.

Lockwood's history is one of the less tightly woven narrative threads in the Lockwood & Co. Season 1 storyline. It initially appears completely improbable that a young child could live in a Zone 1 townhouse, much less be managing an allegedly profitable business with the help of one of his friends.

We rapidly discover that not everything is as it seems since according to government regulations, children must be watched over by people while under the care of a supernatural agency.

Not only is this not addressed correctly, but we never truly get into how Lockwood came to be the way we see him. It is indicated that his father was a prolific researcher in addition to his problems with the Fittes Agency and that the home was left to him following his parents' death.

This question resurfaces in the season finale when Lockwood is confronted by Penelope Fittes' mystery aide, The Golden Blade. The mysterious figure shoots Lockwood and leaves him for dead when he falls into a hole, all the while claiming to know everything about his background and keeping his own actual identity hidden.

Fittes makes it quite obvious that Lockwood is not seen as a professional threat, and nothing he has done so far has made it necessary for him to be killed. Later, he recovers in time to save Lucy and George from Bickerstaff's spirit, who flees as the mirror explodes. He then makes peace with Kipps as the dust settles.

Lockwood & Co: What Happens to Miss Joplin?

Miss Pamela Joplin's role in Lockwood & Co. immediately has a personality makeover after being introduced as one half of an inconspicuous undertaking business. Joplin first presents as fairly innocent and heavenly, but in the final scene of the season finale, she turns into a full-fledged evil. Joplin unwittingly fulfills her goal of the bone glass functioning by using George, whom she has successfully befriended, as a prisoner and bait for the Type 3 ghost.

The stolen skull of Lockwood helps Lucy defend herself, and the bone glass seems to shatter. Joplin glances into it, then disappears into nothingness, allowing the seven souls free to escape. Given that the mirror's purpose is to reveal the heart's true desires, one could argue that Joplin receives precisely what she deserves. What, though, has really happened to her?

If we consider the supernatural aspect of Lockwood & Co. as a portal between universes, there is a strong possibility that Joplin won't appear in any upcoming episodes of the program. The element of surprise, though, is what keeps us on our toes, so Joplin may make a comeback in a totally different form, or she might even become entangled with the seven spirits themselves.

Before leaving, find out what's behind the door at the end of the series.

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