Wander Franco’s Girlfriend: Find 14-Year-Old (Minor) Loredana Chevalier on Instagram!

Owen Weimann

Wander Franco’s Girlfriend: Find 14-Year-Old (Minor) Loredana Chevalier on Instagram! blurred-reality.com

A girl named Loredana Chevalier, who claims to be 14 years old (minor), recently revealed that he was Wander Franco’s girlfriend. She revealed so after Franco allegedly stopped paying her. Follow to find her on Instagram. 

Wander Franco is a Dominican baseball player who plays as a shortstop for the Tampa Bay Rays of Major League Baseball. Nicknamed “El Patron,” he is recognized for his outstanding shortstop skills and excellent hitting prowess.

He was born on March 1st, 2001 in Bani, Dominican Republic. His older brothers, who play baseball as well, are from a family that cherishes the sport. Franco signed a contract with the Tampa Bay Rays as an international free agent in 2017 at the age of 16. His potential was evident by the speed at which he rose through the minor levels.

Wander Franco is currently making headlines as a 14-year-old girl named Loredana Chevalier recently revealed that they were having an affair. As a result, many people have been curious to know if the minor was really the 22-year-old star’s girlfriend. Well, let’s get started.

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14-Year-Old (Minor) Loredana Chevalier Claims to Be Wander Franco’s Girlfriend!

In a statement released on Monday, the attorney general’s office in Wander Franco‘s native Dominican Republic said that authorities there are looking into the Tampa Bay Rays All-Star shortstop’s alleged involvement with a minor. Loredana Chevalier, who claims to be 14 years old, recently claimed that he was Wander’s girlfriend.

Wander Franco and his alleged girlfriend, Loredana Chevalier. blurred-reality.comWander Franco and his alleged girlfriend, Loredana Chevalier.
Image Source: Sportskeeda

Pictures of Franco (@w_franco_4) alongside Chevalier have been surfacing on the Internet. She allegedly received hush money, and when Franco allegedly failed to pay, she allegedly came forth about the allegedly illegal connection.

Admirers have found images of Wander Franco kissing the person who seems to be the suspected minor on social media. While her age has not been confirmed yet, she does appear to be younger than the MLB star. However, Franco has fiercely denied having a romantic connection with the girl. Taking to his Instagram, he wrote,

They say that I’m in public with a little girl, that I’m running around with a minor. People don’t know what to do with their time. They don’t know what they’re talking about. That’s why I prefer to be on my side & not get involved with anybody.

It appears that Chevalier’s social media accounts have also been cleansed of images of her with a child, maybe her own, driving a car, and drinking alcohol. However, it appears she has deactivated her Instagram now. The whole thing is being looked into.

Meanwhile, fans have been expressing their confusing thoughts on social media. One person tweeted,

@Roto_Frank , that alleged 14 year old girl that is being accused for on Wander Franco does not appear to be a 14 year old. She has a daughter that appears to be around 18 to 24 months old. This is looking very awkward.

Similarly, another wrote,

According to the alleged victim’s Instagram (loredana_chevalier) she has multiple posts with her baby. She also has a post driving a car/having alcohol in possession. To drive a car and drink in the Dominican Republic you have to be 18. Hopefully this means Wander is innocent.

Meet Wander Franco’s Wife, Rachelly Paulino!

Accused baseball superstar Wander Franco has never mentioned his mysterious wife in interviews, but recently DailyMail.com confirmed that she is 21-year-old Rachelly Paulino.

Wander Franco's wife, Rachelly Paulino. blurred-reality.comWander Franco’s wife, Rachelly Paulino.
Image Source: Daily Mail

The shortstop for the Tampa Bay Rays, who is under investigation for allegedly having a relationship with a minor in his native Dominican Republic, got married to Paulino following the 2021 MLB season.

Although the 22-year-old All-Star has openly spoken about his namesake first child Wander Samuel Franco Jr., who was born in 2018, Franco has never publicly acknowledged Rachelly’s name.

The couple had a second son in 2022, and DailyMail.com learned that Franco purchased a $1.55 million, five-bedroom home in a posh Tampa neighborhood in May of this year.

Paulino and Franco, who both hail from Bani, a city on the south coast of the Dominican Republic 65 miles from the nation’s capital Santo Domingo, appear to have been dating since they were in their early teens.

On September 10, 2016, Franco’s mother Nancy Aybar happily shared a picture of the birthday girl, who was 15 at the time, on Facebook with a slightly different spelling of her first name. She also called her “daughter-in-law” with affection.