Find Vanessa Guillen’s Sisters on Instagram: While Mayra Is Still Seeking Justice, Lupe Has Backed Down!

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Find Vanessa Guillen’s Sisters on Instagram: While Mayra Is Still Seeking Justice, Lupe Has Backed Down!

Vanessa Guillen’s two sisters, Mayra and Lupe Guillén, were mostly raising their voices for justice for their sister. While Mayra (@mayraaaguillen) does have an Instagram account, Lupe doesn’t. Additionally, Lupe has currently backed down and is focusing on her study.

I Am Vanessa Guillen is an intriguing documentary about the 2020 disappearance and death of U.S. Army Specialist Vanessa Guillén at her Fort Hood installation in Texas. After all, this Netflix original explores not just the manner in which the 20-year-old woman was killed by a peer but also its complicated aftermath as seen through the eyes of her furious, angry, and grieving family.

In fact, the murder sparked a nationwide discussion about military safety, particularly for female soldiers. Despite her mother’s objections, Vanessa enlisted when she was only 18 since she had always wanted to serve her nation. However, she passed away two years later.

After the death of Vanessa, her family members were left in tears because of her death. In addition to that, not knowing who killed her served as salt to their wound. All of her family members are still seeking justice No doubt, her two sisters, Mayra and Lupe Guillén, are mostly raising their voices for Vanessa’s justice. You’ve come to the right place if you wish to learn about her sisters.

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Vanessa Guillen’s Sisters: While Mayra Is Still Seeking Justice, Lupe Seems to Be Focused On Her Study; Find Them on Instagram!

While Mayra Guillen is active on Instagram (@mayraaaguillen), Lupe does not seem to have a public account. Despite being first-generation Mexican immigrants who were born and raised in Houston, Mayra, Lupe, and the rest of the Guillén family have always been proud of their heritage. As a result, they are a close-knit family that has never drifted too far apart, which is why the former, the eldest daughter, felt bad when she realized Vanessa Guillen might have gotten hurt. Mayra thought it was her duty to look after all five of her siblings, but she failed to do so and was unaware that she was among the first to detect her sister was missing on April 22, 2020.

It’s also essential to Vanessa’s story that Mayra quickly attracted attention to the sexual harassment Vanessa experienced at Fort Hood and committed herself to working with lawmakers to reform the military.

Lupe, on the other hand, believed it was past time for her to speak up despite the fact that the loss had undoubtedly impacted her hard, especially because she regarded the former to be her second mother and Vanessa to be her third. In other words, the then 16-year-old became the spokesperson for all protests around the incident, including those calling for the search for her sister (whose body was discovered more than two months later).

According to Lupe’s narrative in the drama, she had trouble speaking as a young child and was bullied as a result since she couldn’t speak clearly or at all until she was about seven. Plus, to be really honest, the public’s initial interest was largely sparked by her young age, unbridled rage, and mature response to the circumstance. She once stated,

Knowing that this could happen to anyone, knowing that there’s more victims out there, would you let your child, your son or daughter, sign a contract with the Army knowing that their life is at risk? My sister deserves to be protected. Your child deserves to be protected. Don’t let them recruit you until we get justice — until Vanessa gets justice.

The I Am Vanessa Guillen Foundation was founded and the I Am Vanessa Guillen Bill was passed as a result of the efforts of Mayra and Lupe, with assistance from the rest of the Guillén family. Additionally, they have sued the U.S. Army for $35 million in wrongful death in an effort to hold them responsible for the events leading up to and including April 22, 2020.

Regarding their current situations, Lupe has since retreated while Mayra has been forced to embrace her role in the spotlight due to the political job she is performing. A little over a year after the death of her sister, the young girl’s sadness finally reached her in full force, and she made the decision to fade into the background and perhaps resume her regular school life.

The recent high school graduate does, however, have ambitions to go to college and seek a career in journalism, all the while putting her family, friends, and soccer first. The eldest Guillén daughter, on the other hand, appears to be looking forward to a career in politics, especially given that she is presently attempting to push another military reform measure.

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