Vanessa Guillen’s Dad: Know About Her Father Who Prefers a Private Life!

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Vanessa Guillen’s Dad: Know About Her Father Who Prefers a Private Life!

Vanessa Guillen’s dad/father, Rogelio Guillén, is not in the spotlight as much as her mother and sisters. What we know is that he was from Los Delgado, Mexico. and later moved to Houston, Texas. Additionally, we also know that he used to work as a machine operator.

I am Vanessa Guillen, a new Netflix documentary, is a nice heartfelt show that both satisfies and makes one feel for the tragedy. The film follows the events of Vanessa Guillen, a US Army soldier who goes missing in 2020, and her family’s efforts to bring about legal changes in the aftermath of the heinous incident. While Vanessa’s story is heartbreaking, it is also inspiring to consider what the Guillens accomplished and the hardships they endured in order to do so.

The Netflix original series – directed by Christy Wegener – tells the story of Vanessa Guillén, a 20-year-old soldier who was killed on an army base in Texas. Even more shocking was the fact that her murderer was a fellow soldier, and her family had to fight for justice for their daughter.

Vanessa Guillen was a 20-year-old United States Army soldier who was reportedly murdered by another soldier, Aaron David Robinson, while stationed at Fort Hood, Texas. She was her parents’ eldest daughter and an inspiration to her younger sisters, but one of her coworkers mercilessly bludgeoned her to death. While people are aware of her sisters and mother, many people wonder who her dad is. Well, let’s get going.

Vanessa Guillen’s Dad: Rogelio Guillen Is Her Father Who Prefers to Keep His Identity Low-Key!

Vanessa Guillen (age 20) was born in Ben Taub Hospital in Houston, Texas, America on September 30, 1999. She was the youngest of six children. Vanessa’s parents are Mexican immigrants. Rogelio Guillén, her dad, worked as a machine operator, and Gloria Guillén, her mother, looked after the family. Vanessa’s dad was from Los Delgado, a farm town in Zacatecas State, Mexico, and moved to southeast Houston, Texas. However, there isn’t much information about her father on social media.

After Vanessa joined the army, she was so happy after training that she never wanted to leave. Guillen was joyful and beautiful when she arrived home, according to her parents. The young woman was overjoyed to be stationed so close to home at Fort Hood, Texas.

She was a small arms maintenance soldier at Fort Hood, where she was in charge of accountability, inventory, and weapon maintenance. However, her family noticed a change in her soon after she moved to Hood. Vanessa, according to her sister, Mayra, began eating less, became skinny, and was not as happy as she had been before moving to the military base.

Mayra, her sister, understood that the young lady did not want to be at Fort Hood. When she entered Lupe’s room one day, she closed the door and began crying, but Lupe was too young to understand what was going on. Guillen left for Fort Hood at 5 a.m. on April 19, 2020. Mayra, her sister, noticed she wasn’t responding to messages or returning phone calls two days later. After hearing nothing from her for several hours, Mayra and Juan decided to take action. They rented a car and drove three hours to Fort Hood.

Vanessa was discovered missing the following day. Everyone was taken aback because it was difficult to believe that someone could go missing inside a military base. According to sources, the young girl once told her mother that a sergeant sexually assaulted women at Fort Hood, and no one listened to female soldiers’ complaints.

Soon after the girl went missing, military police were contacted, who used their resources but were unable to find anything, so CID was contacted. On the one hand, investigators were looking for Guillen, while her family was plastering posters all over town. Mayra then decided to use social media to her advantage, posting a photo of Vanessa on Twitter.

On June 30, 2020, two months after the day went missing, Army Investigators received a call stating that human body fragments had been discovered near Leon River in Belton. The CID began their investigation to find the murderer.

They made the decision to learn more about Aaron David Robinson, the last person to see Vanessa. Officers contacted his girlfriend, Cecily Aguilar, with whom they were able to discover the truth. When Robinson learned of the discovery of Vanessa’s remains, he attempted to flee and later committed suicide before police could apprehend him. Cecily Aguilar was arrested and a criminal case was filed against her because she assisted Aaron in dismembering Guillen’s body.

According to the investigation, Vanessa unintentionally saw Cecily’s photo in Robinson’s phone one day. David was concerned that if it was discovered that he was in a relationship with Aguilar, who was already married to a soldier, he would face severe consequences for violating the Army’s fraternization rules. To avoid any danger, he killed Vanessa by hitting her on the head with a hammer.

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