Tyler Hynes’ Girlfriend in 2023: Is He Still Dating Racquel Natasha? Who Is He Married To?

Shibakshya Rai

Tyler Hynes’ Girlfriend in 2023: Is He Still Dating Racquel Natasha? Who Is He Married To?

As of 2023, Tyler Hynes is reportedly in a relationship with his girlfriend, Racquel Natasha, even though he has never revealed any details about his dating life. Some sources claim that the “A Picture of Her” star posted a picture of the Miami-based model in 2017 and deleted it shortly. Additionally, they have not been married yet.

Tyler Hynes has been stealing the heart of many women with the release of his every movie. This Canadian actor typically has long hair and a thick beard, which only adds to his attraction. Not every one of you might be aware but He is also a director, producer, editor, and writer in addition to being an actor.

With the release of his new Hallmark movie, A Picture of Her, Tyler Hynes yet again forced all of his fans to discuss his relationship status. Aside from his picture-perfect chemistry with Rhiannon Fish in the movie, people wonder who he is dating in 2023. Well, here’s everything you need to know about his girlfriend.

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Tyler Hynes’ Girlfriend in 2023: While the 36-Year-Old Has Yet to Get Married, He Is Reportedly in a Relationship With Racquel Natasha!

Tyler Hynes (@tyler_hynes) avoids giving up too much information while discussing relationships. Even during an interview, he admitted that he had had a girlfriend but excluded all other details, not even her name. A few reports suggest that he is still in a relationship in 2023 with the same girlfriend. The couple reportedly began dating in 2018.

Tyler Hynes and his alleged girlfriend, Racquel Natasha.

Tyler Hynes and his alleged girlfriend, Racquel Natasha.
Source: Blurred REALITY

However, a strange thing happened in 2017 as Tyler once posted and immediately deleted the picture of his girlfriend. The picture was of his girlfriend sitting with her dog where Tyler wrote a caption, “missing my girls.” Somehow, some fans saved the picture which is still available on the internet. The girl was gorgeous in a sports outfit and a navy blue T-shirt. Fans assume the “A Picture of Her” star deleted the picture because they broke up but it wasn’t the case.

Tyler Hynes posted this picture of Racquel Natasha & her dog and deleted it shortly.

Tyler Hynes posted this picture of Racquel Natasha & her dog and deleted it shortly.
Source: Creeto

Later, it was revealed that the girl in the picture was Racquel Natasha. She is a Miami-based commercial model who also owns her own swimwear, Natassia Swim Wear. Unfortunately, not much information is available about her on the internet. You can find her on Instagram at (@racquelnatasha).

Tyler and his alleged girlfriend, Racquel, appear to lead a quiet and happy lifestyle. The media hardly ever reports on them, not even the paparazzi photos that are taken of them. They are undetectable to everyone. Yet speculation regarding whether or not they were already married spread quickly. Unfortunately, we are unable to draw any conclusions at this time because Tyler and Racquel made no indication of their entering a more serious phase.

Additionally, Tyler Hynes previously said that his girlfriend had an access to his Twitter password. She could, therefore, access his account whenever she wanted. Tyler didn’t seem to be bothered about it, either. He said,

Oh yeah, my girlfriend opened up my Twitter the other day. She told me I had so many followers on this Twitter account.

A Picture of Her: Tyler Hynes and Rhiannon Fish’s New Hallmark Movie Review!

The new Hallmark film, A Picture of Her, starring actors Tyler Hynes and Rhiannon Fish, is a hit. This movie is directed by Michael Robison and it was excellent. The script was written by Jeff Wood and Donald Davenport. The plot is interesting, and the audience will probably find it somewhat resonant and relevant.

The story of the film explores the way a desire to take a picture may change people’s life. It’s a story about how you may make errors and wish to correct them, but the fear of losing someone you care about prevents you from doing so. The notion may seem familiar to you, and you may have seen something similar previously. But here, things are different. Why? Tyler Hynes and Rhiannon Fish aren’t in every movie, after all. Not every film features two performers who have a captivating connection that draws you in and leaves you wondering.

As Beth, Rhiannon Fish is effervescent, while Tyler Hynes portrays Jake with swagger and wit. They get along really well and it is obvious. This movie explores several worthwhile subjects that will undoubtedly prompt discussion among viewers. In this film, Hallmark undoubtedly ventures into uncharted ground. Hopefully, this is only the beginning.