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Trina Njoroge | Love Island 2021 Cast, Instagram, Birthday, Ethnicity, Relationship, Net Worth

Trina Njoroge‘s got it all: beauty, intelligence, and a killer attitude to go along with it. She’s a nurse, therefore she should be able to make others feel better, right?

This season, Trina will bring her warm demeanor as well as her serious skills to the show. What is her greatest challenge, according to her? Getting a man that nobody else can!

Love Island 2021 Cast / Love Island USA Season 3

Trina Njoroge, just as Kyra Lizama, Cashay Proudfoot, and Olivia Kaiser, is one of the cast on Love Island 2021.

Season 3 of the USA reality show premiered on CBS on 7th July 2021.


Trina Njoroge is pretty active on Instagram to her 14.7k followers. Check out her profile here!

Birthday, Age

She is currently 25 years old. However, her birthday is unclear.


Trina has kept her relationship affairs private. She does not appear to be dating a boyfriend.

Speaking about her desire to find romance in Love Island, the reality star said she’s here to find love.

After all, she seeks a man who is sure about himself. If there is a guy out there who wishes to be in a relationship with her, she wants him to come to her.

Net Worth

Trina Njoroge’s net worth is estimated to be $300,000.


The Love Island 2021 star is a native of Los Angeles, California, where she is pretty close to her entire family.

Parents, Siblings

Trina has frequently stated that she does it all for her kind, caring, and dedicated parents and her two younger siblings, Kevin and Kendra Njoroge, a brother and sister, respectively.


Talking of her ethnicity, Trina Njoroge is a Kenyan model from Los Angeles.


Trina is a psychiatric nurse by profession. She claims to be a mental health advocate on her Instagram bio. She also does modeling.

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