Is Travis Kelce’s Ex-girlfriend, Kayla Nicole, Pregnant? Is It Kelce’s Baby?

Owen Weimann

Is Travis Kelce’s Ex-girlfriend, Kayla Nicole, Pregnant? Is It Kelce’s Baby? – As the news about Travis Kelce’s ex-girlfriend, Kayla Nicole, being pregnant has gathered the attention of many fans, we would like to confirm that Kayla is not expecting a baby.

Travis Kelce (full name: Travis Michael Kelce) has been all over the news ever since it was confirmed that he was dating pop sensation, Taylor Swift, in 2023. People seem to be more interested in his dating life rather than his game.

Meanwhile, he is also making headlines in recent days as there’s a rumor circulating on the Internet that his ex-girlfriend, Kayla Nicole, might be pregnant. The two broke up in 2022 after dating for around 5 years. On the other hand, many people wonder if the baby Kayla is rumoredly expecting is Travis’ baby. Well, we’ve got you covered.

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Travis Kelce’s Ex-girlfriend, Kayla Nicole, Is Not Pregnant!

It has been a while since the rumor about Travis Kelce‘s ex-girlfriend, Kayla Nicole (@iamkaylanicole), being pregnant is all over the Internet. While we’ve no idea how and why the rumor started, we would like to clarify there is no record of Kayla expecting a baby.

Even though Kayla has not addressed anything regarding her possible pregnancy, her recent Instagram posts clearly confirm that she is not pregnant. She neither has a baby bump nor has she gained weight.

There is no record of Travis Kelce's ex-girlfriend, Kayla Nicole, being pregnant. blurred-reality.comThere is no record of Travis Kelce’s ex-girlfriend, Kayla Nicole, being pregnant.
Image Source: Instagram

Internet hoaxes have been increasing a lot lately. Social media platforms allow for the quick distribution of information, making hoaxes more likely to gain support. Furthermore, the internet’s anonymity allows people to generate and spread fake content with no immediate consequences. We should really cross-check the information spread by unverified sources.

In the case of Tavis Kelce and his ex-girlfriend, Kayla Nicole, we have to note that it has been over a year since they parted ways. It would be foolish to even think that she is carrying the baby of the NFL star.

In conclusion, we would like to alert everyone to be careful of the fake news on the Internet. Make sure you have enough evidence before you share it with another person. Regardless, we really hope he gets married to Taylor Swift soon. Married or unmarried, it would be wonderful if the news about Taylor being pregnant ever breaks out. It will literally break the Internet.

Travis Kelce and Kayla Nicole’s Relationship in a Nutshell!

Five months after Travis Kelce (@killatrav) parted ways from Maya Benberry, Travis and Kayla Nicole made their relationship public. In 2018, the couple appeared on the red carpets at two consecutive award shows. Kelce and Nicole swapped the blue tux and silver dress they wore to the 2018 ESPYs for playful, complimentary striped attire at the Kids’ Choice Sports Awards the next night.

Travis Kelce and Kayla Nicole dated from 2017 to 2022. blurred-reality.comTravis Kelce and Kayla Nicole dated from 2017 to 2022.
Image Source: FILMMAGIC

The couple split up after three years of dating, amid suspicions of infidelity. However, Kelce took to Twitter to address that the rumor was untrue. Kelce stated that he and Nicole were back together in a live broadcast with WNBA star Chiney Ogwumike. “So obviously we’ve got the fam. Mom, dad, brother Jason — big grizzly guy. Then my girlfriend Kayla,” he said in a TMZ interview.

Kelce and Nicole finally ended their relationship less than two years after reconciling. According to Barstool Sports, Kelce pushed Nicole to pay for half of everything they did together, which ruined their relationship.

Nicole refuted the outlet’s assertions, describing them as garbage and incorrect on X (previously Twitter). Nicole admitted in a now-deleted TikTok video that she felt silly for believing their long-term affair would lead to marriage.

Nicole told People that her emotional and physical health suffered after going through a “major breakup and major life change” in 2022, the same year as her and Kelce’s split. Following her separation, she decided to start therapy to improve her mental and physical health. She said,

Had I not [gone to therapy], I don’t know how I would be reacting in the moment right now.